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A Rising Force

A Rising Force

A Rising Force started as a solo project in 2002; back then, I decided to start recording all of the music I played, practiced, and wrote to keep track of my progress. I’ve since built up a sizeable catalog of songs with various takes. I will be releasing the songs, over time, with a combination of new and old stuff. With each release, I will write up any notes that were pertinent to the recording of the track and any other inside information. Hopefully this will give some insight into my creative process and be entertaining. The music is sorted in alphabetical order in the lyrics section of the band site - http://arisingforce.com/. You can also view the music by album and get extra information like production notes, lyrics, and video.

Please send any comments, criticism, or feedback directly to arisingforce@gmail.com

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Bobby Oster - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Drum Programming, Harmonica, Percussion, and various other noises

Opener Cover
  • Opener
  • Alternative, Rock
  • A Rising Force
  • 08/09/2012
  • Opener
Liner Notes: Opener - track 1 of 13 on the album Make Music by A Rising Force. A Rising Force - http://arisingforce.com/ Lyrics - http://arisingforce.com/lyrics/opener/ Notes - http://arisingforce.com/music/make-music/opener/
  1. Opener