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Who is BANSHEE? A Melodic Power Metal band formed in the summer of 1985 in Kansas City, Missouri. Banshee was basically an all star band comprised of talent from various Midwest metal bands of the time. Tommy Lee Flood & Chuck Hopkins came from the immensely popular touring band LICK to join Kansas City guitar hero Terry Dunn of FRODO & Kent Burnham, power drummer from CRYPTKEEPER. They went on to form what was to be known as the hottest band to come out of the Midwest during the 80′s metal era. The band was formed in a music store warehouse in Kansas City and would go on to release 3 incredible albums.

‘Cry In The Night’ was the band’s self released EP in 1986. The album was selling so well in the Midwest that Metal Blade Records took notice, stepped in, signed the band and released the EP worldwide to sell a reputed 500,000 copies. The track ”We Want You” from the album was also released on Metal Massacre #9, an annual “best of” compilation by Metal Blade. Snow Blind Productions released a limited number of re-mastered CD’s after the band’s 2000 reunion show.

Atlantic Records signed Banshee for the second album “Race Against Time” released in late 1988. The popular ‘Shoot Down The Night’ video, from this album, aired for six months and reached the hard 30 ranking on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. Chuck Hopkins left the band in ’88 and was replaced by Bill Westfall. Due to incredibly poor management etc. the relationship with Atlantic was short lived. Sleaze Roxx Magazine stated: “every song on Race Against Time is stand out but, this album was like many other fateful albums of the time—way overlooked.”

Their third album ‘Take ‘em By Storm’ came out in 1993 on their own Snowblind Records label. It had national distribution and sold well but the band went it’s seperate ways soon after that.

Reunion shows were very well received in 1999 and 2000, but the timing wasn’t right and the band did not stay together and continue playing. In the summer of 2008 Banshee managed to re-unite to play the Rocklahoma festival.

Now, after a long hiatus, original members Terry Dunn & Chuck Hopkins have re-united with new members George Call, vocalist from Dallas based ASKA and OMEN & Drummer Marty Schiermann from LOOKER. They are working on BANSHEE’s new album titled “Mindslave” due out in the Spring of 2012. Atlantic and Metalblade recording artists BANSHEE have reunited and has recorded their 4th album, Mindslave. The Kansas City heavy metal band’s original members Terry Dunn (guitar) & Chuck Hopkins (bass) were joined by ASKA/OMEN vocalist George Call and drummer Marty Schiermann (LOOKER/SNAKEY BILLY).

Tracks were recorded in various studios in Dallas, Des Moines & Omaha with a release date of July 2nd, 2012.

Terry had been perfecting the songs included on this fourth Banshee album for over 4 years. This past fall, Terry, George, Marty and Chuck began work and spent months in the studio creating the masterpiece that is Mindslave. The songwriting, and the sound production of this project are phenomenal. Hard Rock lovers should simply not miss this record which showcases our various influences in a cutting edge release. This is a very exciting production for us and we can’t wait to for you to hear it!

Cry in the Night Cover
  • Cry in the Night
  • Rock
  • Banshee
  • 04/11/2008
  • Cry in the Night
Liner Notes: Produced by BANSHEE Engineered by Dan Billings Mixed by Dan Billings & BANSHEE Recorded & Mixed at United Studios - K.C.,MO Mastered by Clete "DOC" Baker at Sound Recorders-Omaha, NE Digitally Remastered by Doug Van Sloun at Studio B - Omaha, NE Cover concept by BANSHEE and Don Smith Cover Artwork by Don Smith All songs written & arranged by BANSHEE All lyrics by Tommy Lee Flood BANSHEE CORRESPONDENCE & MERCHANDISE BansheeRocks.com
  1. We Want You
  2. Back Your Way
  3. I Believe
  4. The Stranger
  5. Cry in the Night
Race Against Time Cover
  • Race Against Time
  • Rock
  • Banshee
  • 04/25/2008
  • Race Against Time
Liner Notes: More band information is available at http://www.BansheeRocks.com
  1. Shoot Down the Night
  2. All Alone
  3. Race Against Time
  4. Circular Flight of the One Winged Sparrow
  5. Call of the Wild
  6. Precious Metal
  7. Desire
  8. Get It on the Run
  9. Missing You
  10. Drive Like Hell
  11. Desert Moon
Take 'em by Storm Cover
  • Take 'em by Storm
  • Rock, Rock
  • Banshee
  • 12/09/2008
  • Take 'em by Storm
Liner Notes: All songs recorded at United Studios except The Spell and Desire which were recorded at Wheeler Studios, both in Kansas City. Previously Unreleased Bonus Track Included: Live For Music (The Slam). Produced by Banshee and Dan Billings. The Spell and Desire produced and engineered by Eddie Kramer. Mastered by Dan Billings and Mike Frazier at United Studios. Digitally Re-Mastered by Banshee. © 1991-2008 Banshee and Snowblind Records. Banshee would like to give a very special thanks to all the people who stuck by us on the road and off. BANSHEE NEW CORRESPONDENCE & MERCHANDISE @ BansheeRocks.com
  1. Color Me
  2. Fight
  3. Memories
  4. Running Wild
  5. Stand Strong
  6. The Spell
  7. Desire (Remix)
  8. Livin It Up
  9. Locked Inside
  10. Out for Love
  11. Live for Music (The Slam)
Mindslave Cover
  • Mindslave
  • Heavy Metal, Rock
  • Banshee
  • 06/22/2012
  • Mindslave
Liner Notes:
  1. Taming the Beast
  2. Floodgates of Hell
  3. Mindslave
  4. King of Nothing
  5. Hangman Lies
  6. Full Circle
  7. Unearthed
  8. Legend Lost
  9. The Phalaynx
  10. Halls of Karma
  11. Godless