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Scripture Songs that Rock!

Scripture Songs that Rock!


Benny Logos, "Scripture Songs That Rock!" is an easy and very effective way to learn and remember key Bible verses. If you like catchy, guitar-based rock you will love this music! Best of all, you will find yourself effortlessly memorizing some of the most powerful scriptures in the entire Bible.

Why Memorize Scripture?

Our modern culture continually bombards us with negative words, images and ideas. We can fight back by filling our minds with things that are good and positive. What could be better to fill your mind with than the Word of God? Imagine the impact of listening to some of the most powerful verses in the Bible put to melodies that you simply cannot forget. The result is that God's life-changing words of hope, love, and salvation are imprinted on your mind forever. God's Word will change your life in dramatic ways when you allow it to penetrate into your mind and heart.

Who is this CD for?

This is music for people of all ages... anyone who likes hook-driven rock and roll. In the music you'll hear many influences from popular bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s. But the lyrics are word-for-word quotes from the Bible. Even the scripture references are included as part of the song, so you can remember where the verses are located.

Get into the Word and Get the Word into YOU!

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