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Bob Vidler

Bob Vidler

Acoustic Guitar based songs. Easy listening.

Acoustic/Indie/Originals/ Solo

When starting out in music some 20 years ago I was the bassist for Newcastle (Australia) bands The Goddards and The Bloodloop Beautiful. In 2000 I formed a band in Cairns called The Killer Beez. I grew into a songwriter and had many great years fronting TKB’z. We were fortunate enough to score supports for The John Butler Trio, Paul Kelly, Alex Lloyd, Pete Murray and INXS. We played hundreds of pub gigs and did some touring to Victoria and sth east QLD. I had hundreds of great nights at the open mic nights at The Greenant Cantina in Cairns. I am again writing. I am recording. With the benefit of modern technology I can achieve great sound quality with very few tools. My acoustic guitar, a MacBook, a Rode NT3 mic and dropping in on my brother James. He adds guitar tracks and does some backings. I write because I must. To share what I write is a dream. Interest in me can be followed up by joining my facebook group. My past catalogue (including tracks with The Killer Beez), is now available through iTunes and many other online stores. Also SoundCloud. Love The Music x

One Something Beautiful Cover
  • One Something Beautiful
  • Rock, Folk
  • Bob Vidler And The Killer Beez
  • 02/12/2010
  • One Something Beautiful
Liner Notes:
  1. Horizons
  2. Woven Room
  3. Touch the Sky
  4. Forests
  5. The Mystery
  6. Miss You
Miss You - The Mellow Acoustic Song Cover
  • Miss You - The Mellow Acoustic Song
  • Vocal, Christian/Gospel
  • Bob Vidler
  • 02/18/2010
  • Miss You - The Mellow Acoustic Song
Liner Notes: A sweet, haunting, weightless song. The bond of friendship and the difficulty of friendship with goodbyes.
  1. Miss You - The Mellow Acoustic Song
The Taste of the Wind Cover
  • The Taste of the Wind
  • Vocal, Pop
  • Bob Vidler
  • 04/20/2010
  • The Taste of the Wind
Liner Notes: A Life inside the ideal Life. To live with the sure knowledge of your safety and full potential as a human, to know that the full beauty of Life is there to enjoy as it has been taught for evermore. A reflection on our ancestors knowledge. The Tribe Of Life.
  1. The Taste of the Wind