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Blood On The Dance Floor

Blood On The Dance Floor

A trio hell raised on love and destruction with a stylistic of electro / pop / and thrashing screams that make you want to jump up and dance. Our music is pure lust and couture something unheard of before. Created by 3 stars and loved by thousands.. Dahvie Vanity a hair dresser at the age of 16 went on an expressed his art through hair. Started at a young age getting involved with music and played guitar/keys for many local acts. Eventually times would change and the direction of being a leader and a front man decided the new fate of this twisted and Siq future of a music revolution. Chris a member of city skyscrape discovered Dahvie and together formed BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.. A combination of 2 different elements coming together to give this music world a breathe of fresh air. Eventually Rebecca would come and team up with the dynamic duo to create a luscious mix of mesh and sound, A colour like no other. We are the future of music. This music world is ours <3 LETS START A RIOT!

Sounds Like:

Fab glamour riot, Party starting!, THRASHING MESH!

I’m rated X, For explicit sex

-Dahvie Vanity

Let's Start a Riot Cover
  • Let's Start a Riot
  • Electronic
  • Blood On The Dance Floor
  • 04/16/2008
  • Let's Start a Riot
Liner Notes:
  1. Let's Start A Riot
  2. I Can't Get Enuff
  3. Bitches Get Stitches
  4. Blood On The Dance Floor
  5. Sex And Violence
  6. I <3 Hello Kitty
  7. You're A Dancer, You're Not A Lover
  8. Modern World Christ
  9. Money And Hoes
  10. Till Death Do We Party
  11. I Hope You Choke
  12. Fallen Star
  13. Libertine