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Bradley Say

Bradley Say

Bradley started recording his debut album back in 2006, when he began recording in Adelaide Studios, he wrote and produced 9 songs, and also 2 remixes featuring a canadian rap artist Bummy Chuckles. The stand out tracks recorded were "New Direction", "Rockstar" & "Not Good Enough" from the first demo "0901".

He decided that after one year of recording a change in studio would be best, and is now currently working with Laurence Hobbs of Blueroom Studios, and since recording some new songs for his debut album, he has decided to scrap the old tracks recorded with the first studio.

"Wasted" was the first track to be recorded in the new studio, and Bradley was so happy with the final outcome that he signed up for the next couple of months to record further tracks. The second was "Showdown" and third fourth and fifth have all been recorded. But not all of the old tracks will be scrapped, as after the recording of the new tracks he will be preparing to re-record selected few tracks from the first album.

Over the next few months, there will be quite alot of new songs coming to myspaceand itunes, with new sounds and influences, and also featuring artists. So check back for more info coming very soon.