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Charles Button is a music industry veteran, known for his silky voice and original style. He has performed on several occasions at B.B. Kings Blues Club at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The CHARLES BUTTON BAND performed at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, closing the show for the 2002 Native American Grammy Nominee Showcase.

Charles was a winner in the 2008 NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS in the category "BEST PRODUCER". Charles has had his original music featured in FILM and on TELEVISION.

He has also recorded a solo album in England for an independent English label.

The complexity of his musicianship is influenced by his experiences with other talented performers. Charles has PERFORMED, COMPOSED, or RECORDED with such diverse talents as the late Johnny Almond (of JOHN MAYELL'S BLUESBREAKERS with ERIC CLAPTON), NICKY HOPKINS (keyboards for the ROLLING STONES, THE WHO, JOHN LENNON), Producer/writer CHAS SANDFORD (ROD STEWART, STEVIE NICKS, CHICAGO), MICK FLEETWOOD (FLEETWOOD MAC), WALFREDO REYES JR (Santana, Chicago), GRAHAM LEER( Santana), Phil Kenzie (BEATLES, DAVID BOWIE, AL STEWART), Drummers Randy Castille and Brian Tichy (Ozzie Osborne), Jazz sensation MADELLINE PEYROUX, Guitar legend Michael Thompson (Bobby Womack, Quincy Jones, David Foster, etc.), Guitarist Paul Warren (Rod Stewart,Joe Cocker), LEAH Kunkel (James Taylor), Drummer BOBBY BERGE (TOMMY BOLAN), & Randy California (Spirit)

Toured and made a film with JAN BERRY (JAN & DEAN)

Performed on TV show "Shannon's Deal" with IGGY POP and DOOBEE BROTHER SKUNK BAXTER

CHARLES LINKS: http://www.tunecore.com/music/charlesbutton http://www.charlesbutton.com Or for a comedic 1 off piece:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZaWCvMS5QY

Charles new double CD "White Buffalo-Bigger Than Real!" was released October 16,2014! Charles is a caretaker and lives with 18 white and 6 brown buffalo. Learn more at: www.WhiteBisonAssociation.com

Charles last 5 CD's -'In The Spirit',"Awakening", and "Here & Now" by GREAT MYSTERY, "First Flight" by BlackRaven,and "Nightwatch" by Sentinel, were all nominated for a Native American Music Award. Great Mystery's "HERE & NOW" (co-produced by Canyon Record's seven time Grammy nominee Will Clipman) was again nominated in the "Best Producer" catagory in the 2009 NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. Blackraven's debut album "First Flight" has won awards, and kudos from independent music's LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS, the PHOENIX MUSIC AWARDS, and the WEST COAST NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS.

The Oregon release "NIGHTWATCH' by SENTINEL (see Flashforward/Flashback video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClTbgUoqxlU.) Check out this cd and it's awesome Zappaish quantum single "HILLBILLY RAPPER".