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Artist Profile

Chastain Stone

Chastain Stone

Indulge yourself with Chastain Stone. Lyricist since age 12 hailing from Atlanta, GA. Centered in ATL's "Zone 1", Chastain stayed mainly to herself while honing her lyrical skills over the years. Chastains' style can be viewed as a raw but smooth blend of evolved styles ranging from Queen Latifah to Lauryn Hill.

On the Single entitled, "Like My Status", Chastain gives the listener a look at the things we do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram. Chastain delivers a fun and entertaining message over an 808 driven hypnotic track.

Chastain's goal is longevity and expansion of her talents ranging from music to film. Chastain has harnessed all of her strengths and weaknesses together to create great music with a message that intersects all lifestyles. Something for the young, something for the old. In short, when your tuning in to Chastains' music, your tuning in to real good feel good music.