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Artist Profile



Eric Ortiz Boglio, born in Brooklyn NY, moved to Puerto Rico mid 80's. Learned guitar at the age of 13, move to play bass at the age of 18 on his freshman year at College. Made his first band named "Feka". Later in 2000 several projects, nothing seriously. 2003 co-founder of Neuttro, a solid band, recording and co-producing the band debut album. Album was on stores around Puerto Rico and some parts in the US, and all around the net such as Napster, I-Tunes, Amazon, etc (you could still buy it just google it)... Regular Radio Air Plays (Such as Alpha Rock 105.7FM, and selected as one of the top 10 bands of the year by 103.7 fm "La X" in 2004), Played big local venues, make Eric the confidence to being on stage.

Depression and a serious drug addiction made him retire from the band "Neuttro" in 2007, but he could not stop making music, and start recording his own music at his home. Later on he discover he was crreating something totally different marking his own territory in music, then took things seriously, grab several masks (one of his hobbies) and change his side-project from "Eric Ortiz" to a primary one, changing his artist name to "Cirex". Eric (Cirex) accepted Christ in 2007 after a dangerous overdose of morphine and benzodiazepines.. Cirex is a strong Christian now.

Upcoming Album titled "The Lab" is coming, with the plan spreading his music around the World through the magic of Internet. I-Tunes, Amazon, Napster, Raphsody..

Also copies in selected stores. Prepare for the crazyness in the Magic World of agressive music.

Cirex is also a Graphic Designer and a Sketcher.