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DJG - Cosmic Expansion

DJG, DJ G33zr, Geoff Hoffman began writing music on grandma's piano at age 6. He learned the keyboard and guitar from elementary school, and added french horn and trumpet in high school band. Meanwhile, he spent his free time learning to make music on computers, first with an Amiga 500, an Ensoniq ESQ-1, a Mirage 12-bit sampler and Deluxe Music Construction set. The first song Geoff wrote for a 5-piece jazz ensemble was performed at Summerfest in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when Geoff was 14. Fast-forward 20 years, and Geoff had collected tons of gear and built a massive 32-bit, infinite-track Cubase digital recording studio.

Cosmic Expansion is a tribute to all those years of reading synthesizer manuals, learning and perfecting the art of multi-layered digital recording and composition, and the enjoying the experience of tapping into the vast array of soundscapes available to today's electronic musician.

Cosmic Expansion Cover
  • Cosmic Expansion
  • Electronic, Dance
  • DJG
  • 03/15/2008
  • Cosmic Expansion
Liner Notes: Cosmic Expansion represents over a decade of electronic music research, writing and composition designed to stretch the boundary of intelligent dance, trance, and electronica instrumentals. Composed using over two dozen analog and digital synthesizers, hundreds of software plug-ins and 32-bit effects, nearly all sounds encountered on this eclectic voyage were created from scratch. Only a few percussion instruments were sampled. The result is a wide range of impressive melodies and themes you've never heard anything like before. Enjoy the trip. All songs Copyright 1998-2008 DJG. All Rights Reserved. Portions mixed by Synaptic Impulse, Chicago. For licensing, contact info@salientdigital.com
  1. Liftoff
  2. Galactron
  3. Trip to Mars
  4. Remixalicious
  5. Trust Me
  6. Rush Hour
  7. Life Forms
  8. Trees and Frogs
  9. Zone Alarm
  10. The Core
  11. Hydrogen