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The Dictatortots

The Dictatortots

Jiggle The Handle




That Which Does Not Rock Cover
  • That Which Does Not Rock
  • Rock, Alternative
  • The Dictatortots
  • 09/23/2008
  • That Which Does Not Rock
Liner Notes: All songs recorded Sept. 18, 2008. Most written five minutes prior. Beer was drunk. Belle Buster - maracas, witty banter, vocals fbbx! - guitar, witty banter, drum machine Snake (or Bear) - guitar, vocals, witty banter, bass Teh Reaver - harmonica, witty banter, mellophone, vocals TrĂ¼ - guitar, tambourine, witty banter, vocals All songs by The Dictatortots. Songs and music copyright 2008 The Dictatortots. All rights reserved. (Oh, yeah. Beddy sez, "Fuck you all.")
  1. Gay When Drunk
  2. The Ballad of the Reverend M.C. Hatchet
  3. Three Word Band Name
  4. First Friday
  5. On My Camry
  6. Thistle in the Heather