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dj trevi

dj trevi

This Year DJ Tevi released his first single,Love, on our CS Record Label (released date July 27, 2011). DJ Trevi is/ and was very involved in the recording process up to the mastering process at Universal Records. Mastering at Universal Records was a no brainer. We knew we would get the quality sound of artist like Lady Gaga. Having a good quality sound gets the attention of listeners, with this and many other marketing formulas we managed to get the attention of fans. Love peaked at number 9 on MTV's owned Jango radio, the week ending October 2nd 2011, giving him his first Radio top 10 and earning him fans from all over the world.

According to TheDjlist.com, DJ Trevi also stayed on the top 5 list of LA's favorite DJ's section during the summer. As his popularity rises so does his ranking on the DJ list! In less than three months he has managed to peak at number 51, in the Electro house genre.

Dj Trevi also mix the Euro-pop version of Lady Gaga's Monster and Sasha's New hit Cut Me Down (Feat. Krister Linder). His Ability to DJ, Produce, and mix gives him the ability to create his own style, which is a very noticeable on his version of Sasha's Cut Me Down! Dj Trevi might just started his DJ career but he is slowly reaching for the stars. Other projects include production for ABC KTLA 7 Vista LA, Eye On LA, and The Oscars 2004, and Kids By the Dozen on TLC. Was also featured in the Short film Left At The Rio Grande (2005). TV spots include Doce Corazones season 2 for the spanish network Telemundo.