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Ernie Hines: Smooth "Silky" Soul

Ernie Hines: Smooth "Silky" Soul


Two new singles releases that are certain to be around for a long, long time and the titles say it all:

Everlasting Love (The Wedding Song) – a love ballad perfect for weddings, Valentines, anniversaries, and for most occasions, really; because after all, it’s love that makes the world go ‘round! It's the title song to the upcoming album, Everlasting Love: Inspirational Songs of Love. Volume Two

Jesus, The Christ Child (Spirit of Christmas) – Here’s a catchy Christmas song for the “ages.” One that has all the elements that ties the Biblical story together in a most unique way like never before; and to hear it, is to embrace it.

Ernie has crafted these songs in a way that insures “built in audiences.” Ringtones are also available.

In 2002 the first release on Baby Blue Records was an R&B/Reggae mixed CD single, “My Baby Wears the Lovin’ Crown” & “Can You Put It to Music?” from an earlier recording session.

In 2004 the R&B/Gospel, Alternative 12 songs CD, “There is a Way - Inspirational Songs of Faith, Hope, and Love” was released on the Baby Blue label. It includes the patriotic song, “I Love America.”

In 2009 Ernie released on Baby Blue Records again, the songs that he first recorded in Chicago entitled, “The Singles (The Early Years).” It includes “Thank You Baby for a Love beyond Compare” & “We’re Gonna Party.”

Still in 2009 Ernie released never before heard music from his master tapes (the 80’s full studio recording session) on Baby Blue Records, entitled “Kunta Kinte: Remembering “Roots”, in light of the Barack Obama election. Included is the hit song, “Let Your Love Flow”, recorded with the versatile band, Concentrated Sound.

Ernie’s recordings are on the walls of the Stax Museum of American Soul Music in Memphis, Tennessee. To hear these songs, and the album Electrified: Ernie Hines, search Ernie Hines.

For Booking Engagements: (708)771-3945

Everlasting Love (The Wedding Song) Cover
  • Everlasting Love (The Wedding Song)
  • Christian/Gospel, R&B/Soul
  • Ernie Hines
  • 02/10/2011
  • Everlasting Love (The Wedding Song)
Liner Notes: It's a song about love for my brothers and my sisters all over this world. What is love? Love is a feeling deep within you're about to feel that you've never felt before. Love is patient, love is kind, love bears all things, love perseveres; love is being completed by the one you love. “True love is a lifetime of forever, an eternity!” A woman needs her man, and man must have his mate; thus, God made it so. So love one another like there’s no tomorrow!
  1. Everlasting Love (The Wedding Song)
Jesus, the Christ Child (Spirit of Christmas) Cover
  • Jesus, the Christ Child (Spirit of Christmas)
  • Christian/Gospel, Holiday
  • Ernie Hines
  • 02/11/2011
  • Jesus, the Christ Child (Spirit of Christmas)
Liner Notes: The real meaning of Christmas is plain and simple, but so hard for so many to grasp. So here it is again, Jesus is the reason for the season! Read it in the Bible. In the Four Gospels - of John1:1-2, 14, 3: 16, in Luke 1: 26-38, 2: 8-9, 46-47, 3: 21, in Matthew 2: 11, and in Mark 3: 13-19, 5: 21-43. Jesus came that we might have life, and have life more abundantly; at His birth the Magi (wise men) brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh; in adoration! It’s not about what we get, but what we give that counts; after all, we’ve already received the greatest gift. Born in a manger, the angels proclaimed, Jesus, the Christ Child came. Feel the Spirit of Christmas!
  1. Jesus, the Christ Child (Spirit of Christmas)