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GerGut Music

GerGut Music

"GerGut is a Colombian Songwriter Making Good Music To Entertain The Entire World". Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the group is conformed by GerGut who plays all guitars,piano,keyboards,bass,drums & vocals,as well as Fercho Gutierrez with all guitar solos and vocals.

The group started creating music back in 1985 but just came out with all stuff in the beginning of 2011. They also do all production and recording of all their songs.

Musicians On This Album "Ï Finally Made It":

GerGut: Vocals, Guitars,Solos,Bass,Drums,Piano & Keyboards.

Fercho Gutierrez: Guitars,Main Solos,Bass,Chorus & Musical Direction.

Music Arrangements by GerGut & Fercho

Produced & Recorded by GerGut & Fercho.

All Songs Written By GerGut Except, Vienna By Billy Joel,Time Won't Let Me By Dan Fonseca & Fragile By Sting

There will be Blues, Rock & R&B For All of You.

Thanks Luisa For your Love, Patient & Support To Make This Album,Fercho who helped me out a lot, Mom who gave me the life, Dan Fonseca a good musician with good ideas and all who believed in me.Special Thanks to Terry Christian there in Tokyo, Japan,I learned from him the things I am doing now.

Thanks God for gave me the Music and the Intelligence to make it!


Copy Rights GerGut Records

Fort Lauderdale,Florida,USA, May 2011.


Hi Folks,

Today May 22/2011 we have released this new song called "Feel The Heat".It would be in Itunes & Amazon MP3 soon.

We feel very pleased and excited for this new single. We would like to thanks to all fans for their support.

Enjoy it!


Fort Lauderdale,Florida,May 22/2011


Hi Everyone,

I just want to say thanks to all my fans for their support and comments about my music over the Jango Radio.

Please click the link below to hear my music there:


You can also find me at:



Thank you!


June,27,2011 Fort Lauderdale,Florida


Hi Folks,

I just released a new single called "World Insane". My brothers Fercho & Vicky helped me out with this song playing solos and background vocals.With this tune I just wanted to tell everyone that we should change this world insane."All around the world must be changed"!

Thank you and enjoy it!


Fort Lauderdale, July 3/2011


Hi Folks,

Here is my new song called "Good Times" that we just released on 08/26/2011.We enjoyed a lot producing and recording this tune during this month.

Like always, I want to thanks my brother Fercho for his creativity and performance making this song.

I hope you like and enjoy this new work, which will be on ITunes,Amazon and other stores for you guys soon.

Thanks for your support and comments.

To my fans with all love,


Fort Lauderdale,Fl, August 26 /2011

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
GerGut United States Florida FORT LAUDERDALE VARIOUS Nov 26, 2011
I Finally Made It Cover
  • I Finally Made It
  • Blues, R&B/Soul
  • GerGut
  • 05/04/2011
  • I Finally Made It
  1. Who Believes In Me
  2. Time Won't Let Me
  3. Beyond This Line
  4. My Place
  5. La Vida Es Corta (Life Is Short)
  6. Recordar
  7. Without Fears
  8. Vienna
  9. Hard To Let You Go
  10. I Know We Played
  11. But I'm Not Sorry
  12. MI Ciudad
  13. Home Blues
  14. Dream For The Future
  15. By The River
  16. We Are In Heaven
  17. More Confusion
  18. Gente Confusa
  19. Solo Asi Dire
  20. Fragile
  21. Lonely Man
World Insane Cover
  • World Insane
  • Blues
  • Gergut
  • 07/03/2011
  • World Insane
Liner Notes: Recorded & Produced By GerGut, July/03/2011. Fort Lauderdale, Fl, Fercho Gutierrez Guitar Solos, Vicky Gutierrez Background Vocals.
  1. World Insane
Good Times Cover
  • Good Times
  • R&B/Soul
  • Gergut
  • 08/26/2011
  • Good Times
Liner Notes: Produced & Recorded By GerGut, Aug/2011. GerGut: All Guitars,Bass,Drums,Piano & Keyboards. Fercho Gutierrez: All Guitar Solos & Vocals. Fort Lauderdale, Fl, August/2011
  1. Good Times
Politicians Cover
  • Politicians
  • Blues
  • Gergut
  • 09/17/2011
  • Politicians
Liner Notes: Produced & Recorded By GerGut. GerGut:Vocals,Guitars,Bass,Drums,Keyboards. Fercho Gutierrez: All Guitar Solos & Vocals.
  1. Politicians
Broken in Pieces Cover
  • Broken in Pieces
  • Blues, R&B/Soul
  • Gergut
  • 10/20/2011
  • Broken in Pieces
Liner Notes: Produced & Recorded By GerGut. Fort Lauderdale,Fl,October/2011. GerGut: Vocals,Guitars,Bass,Keyboards. Fercho Gutierrez: Vocals, Guitar Solos.
  1. Broken in Pieces
Visitor's Song Cover
  • Visitor's Song
  • Country
  • Gergut
  • 12/10/2011
  • Visitor's Song
Liner Notes: Produced & Recorded By Fercho & GerGut. Fort Lauderdale, Fl, Dec/2011. All Guitars & Bass: Fercho Gutierrez Drums: GerGut
  1. Visitor's Song
The Best of GerGut Cover
  • The Best of GerGut
  • Blues, Rock
  • GerGut
  • 03/17/2012
  • The Best of GerGut
Liner Notes: Produced & Recorded By GerGut, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March/2012 Musicians: GerGut & Fercho Gutierrez
  1. I Care About People
  2. Big Foot
  3. Beyond This Line (Remix)
  4. Colombian Skies
  5. Mad Streets (Remix)
  6. We Love Music
  7. Time Won't Let Me (Remix)
  8. Visitor's Song (Remix)
  9. Un Beso Y Una Flor
  10. World Insane (Remix)
  11. Politicians (Remix)
  12. Without Fears (Remix)
  13. Broken in Pieces (Remix)
  14. Home Blues (Remix)
  15. La Vida Es Corta (Remix)
  16. Disfrutar La Realidad (Remix)
We Are in Heaven - The Very Best of GerGut II Cover
  • We Are in Heaven - The Very Best of GerGut II
  • Blues, Rock
  • GerGut
  • 04/09/2013
  • We Are in Heaven - The Very Best of GerGut II
  1. We Are in Heaven 2011
  2. Beyond This Line 2011
  3. Good Times 2011
  4. Mad Streets 2011
  5. Un Beso Y Una Flor 2012
  6. Colombian Skies 2012
  7. We Love Music 2012
  8. Crazy About You 2012
  9. The Right Path 2012
  10. Sail With Me 2012
  11. Narrow Land 2012
  12. Different Devil 2012
  13. It All Comes Around 2012
  14. Woman Like You 2012
  15. Sylvester 2012
  16. Thinking of You 2012
  17. Lo Que Yo Más Quiero 2013
  18. Once and Forever 2013
  19. You Are the One 2013