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Girl On Fire

Girl On Fire

Hailing from the rainy city of Seattle, Washington; a five piece alternative band called, “Girl On Fire”. This fresh, new band of ideas has taken the best elements of, alternative, screamo, pop-rock, and hardcore music, and has fused it into a sound all their own. For not being around for very long, the boys have spent the beginning 4 months of being together, creating and recording an 11-song record. Once their first three songs were released on myspace.com in September of 2007, kids started taking notice of the group and were instant fans of the boys.

The record, so cleverly titled, “Nowhere & Everywhere,” is set to release its album in digital form on November 23th, 2007. Within the first month of promoting the record, the boys have already won over the hearts of thousands in their hometown, as well as the world. The CD release party for the record will be held in December of 2007, with other local favorites. Containing darker subjects, such as loss of a loved one, suicide and murder; “Nowhere & Everywhere” hopes to be able to connect with fans on a deeper, more personal level. The record simply has something for everybody. With heavy influences of Underoath, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and other bands of the sort, the music offers a familiar, but fresh take on the genre, guaranteeing that you’ll be singing along by the end of each song. With crowd pleasing titles such as, “Mix Drink” and “Pull the trigger sweetie, he’s dead and waiting.”

The band knows how to pull you in. At the first strum of the guitar, the first hit of the drums, and the blood curdling scream you hear at the beginning of their live set, you know you are in for a ride of your life. Knowing that every band out there now is trying to make their mark in the music industry, these boys in Girl On Fire know that it takes a lot more than make-up and hair-dye to attract an audience. Thus, the band takes pride in interacting and continually developing a strong relationship with their fan-base. Each member has their own unique style that they bring to the table when it comes to writing songs, and performing live. With all members having been in the Seattle music scene individually over the last 7 or 8 years, the boys knew what they had to do to make their mark on the scene. And that was to create a project that was both: hard hitting and emotional, as well as clever and mysterious. The boys hope that through their efforts, they will make their mark on the Seattle scene, and eventually the industry itself

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Girl On Fire United States Washington Seattle Showbox SODO Jul 16, 2010