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Peter Rosmanith attended the Academy of Music in Vienna and learned jazz drums and percussion with Prof. Fritz Ozmec. Subsequently, he turned to non-European music and became intensely involved in Indian, Arab and Afro-Cuban rhythms and learned to play the tabla with the Indian master drummer who lives in Vienna, Jatinder Takur

Rosmanith’s world-encompassing percussion skills runs the gamut from the African balaphone, Arab frame drums, Indian tablas and the Hang - depending on his mood - everyday objects as well. Rosmanith’s hands can make almost any object play music.

Apart from his concert activities in numerous world music formations (Marwan Abado, Otto Lechner, Klaus Trabitsch, Dobrek Bistro, YOK, and many more), Rosmanith works as a composer and musician for the theatre, film and radio plays.

Rosmanith can be heard on more than 40 CDs as sideman and percussionist: in autumn 2008, his second solo CD is released under the title “schneesand” (Extraplatte).

Schneesand Cover
  • Schneesand
  • World
  • Peter Rosmanith
  • 06/18/2009
  • Schneesand
Liner Notes: schneesand An unusual acoustic journey Line-Up: Peter Rosmanith: Hang, Percussion Marwan Abado: Oud Georg Graf: Soprano Saxophone Franz Hautzinger: Quatertone Trumpet Mathias Jakesic: Electric Violin Ljubinca Jokic: Voice, Bass Pamelia Kurstin: Theremin Otto Lechner: Accordeon Joanna Lewis: Violin Miki Liebermann: Guitar Kadero Rai: Voice Klaus Trabitsch: Irish harp At the acoustic heart of this CD is the “HANG” – a new percussion instrument. The Hang sounds like a very relaxed steel drum. It has similarities with percussion instruments made of adobe like the ones used in Brazil and India. But the relaxed mood of its sound is special. The Hang is very well able to accompany fast pieces full of heat and passion, yes, even drive these. But the real fascination lies in its apparently perfect balance. This makes it suitable for many types of sounds. It can represent camel hooves on sand just as easily as footsteps in the snow. Snow and sand are actually two materials that cannot be grasped: snow melts in your hand, sand runs through your fingers. Music is also hard to grasp. Beautiful..." The music of “schneesand” is a journey through acoustic landscapes. With the ease of a cat’s jump, the musicians leap musically from a Bedouin tent in the Sahara to a New Yorker jazz club and the Vienna Konzerthaus. At the end of the concert, one has visited many places on the earth without changing location. Video: www.youtube.com/user/orbison13 Press “Pure magic. What Peter Rosmanith has created with his diverse types of percussion, a Hang and his musical friends on this CD is magnificent, hypnotizing, beautiful, world-encompassing music.” (Kurier)
  1. Karussell1
  2. Kamelschlittenfahrt
  3. Slow Motion
  4. Rimmal
  5. Schneestaad
  6. to Come and Agogo
  7. Schneesand
  8. Wie Aus Perlmutt
  9. Karussell 2