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Hektik - Origional Real Life Hip-Hop Since 1985


Born in Boston Ma, Dec 20th of the year 1985.

Hektik has always had a way to entertain people. From an early age his ideas and stories were always enough to capture the attention of the room. For years he moved from home to home with his family seeing and meeting new people constantly. Living in a lot of different places gave him a chance to see how life was and will be. Entering his teenage years he’d seen things in life that would desensitized him to violence, drugs, crime and the world in general. Spending most his years in Quincy, just south of Boston he made many friends that would help him define his next years to come. By 2004 Hektik took an interest in music and started going to a lot of shows in and around Boston. Ranging from Rock/Hard Core to Hip Hop and anything in between that caught his ear.

By the next summer Hektik learned that music played an important roll in people lives. He could relate to a lot of what he heard. He started to freestyle with people at parties. Friends and strangers alike loved the way he would spit about life and what is real. Others soon realized he was a natural, and encouraged by friends he started to write to beats. By the middle of the summer he had written tracks with a few friends and was ready to do his first show. On July 3rd a close friend brought over a P.A. system that they set up on his roof in the back yard. They invited about 40 people over to the beach and performed for the unsuspecting crowd that instantly loved the music they heard. The party was shut down by the Weymouth Police Riot Squad. Feeling the real power and emotion of the music, he worked with different people even gaining a Hip Hop night every Saturday at local club called J.C Dees, with his boys in a crew they called the Underground Vandalz or "UGV". Hektik and his crew soon had a rep for having the rawest, craziest shows around. By the end of that year it was official, Hektik was destined for big things.

Hektik wrote War, Love, and Addiction over the course of the next year. He called upon childhood memories, current events, relationships, death and the everyday world he seen in his life. He developed a unique style used by none. The artwork for the album was done by artists P-Ro & Nasty. The album’s intro was produced by the one and only, Reel Drama, featuring production by Relentless, Conundrum, Seth Chaos, Pilze and Hektik himself. He had guest artist such as Aztech, Sinz and Oblivious. All 3 understanding and feeling what he was writing. War Love and Addiction was written and recorded by Hektik at his personal home studio. Pressed and released in January 2006. It proved to be a success selling all copies of the album. Spawning such classics as For you drugs ft. Sinz, Selling Out, Ft Aztech, and the powerful home hitting track, War Ft. Oblivious. After the release Hektik and his crew did many shows on the South Shore working and earning their rep as respected Hip-Hop artists

Hektik has done many live shows. Most of his shows he shared the stage with the talented emcee Aztech. When the 2 took to the stage they had it from start to end, perfect spot on shows every time, all eyes in the room focused on them, tuned into every word and movement. Hektik has shared the stage with such acts as Jedi Mind Tricks, Cage, R A the Rugged Man, Esham, Copywrite and many more. Last year Hektik and His fellow emcee's formed the Earth shattering Gutter Heads which is made up of 5 emcee's, Oblivious, Desolate, Aztech, P-Ro, and the genius behind it all...2Face. They took 2008 by storm, wining the MassCann/NORML “Smoking Music of The Year” award. They also rocked the stage at the legendary 2008 Boston Freedom Rally during the “4:20” time slot. Gutter Heads also released Gutter Heads “The Compilation” featuring bangers from the entire crew. Over the last year Hektik has improved his writing skills writing such tracks as City Limits ft. Skinny Cavallo, and the self titled track Gutter Heads track ft. Aztech. Desolate, Oblivious and P-Ro. Hektik also wrote a track called Shanty Town, this song shattered everyone’s perception of what was. If you was involved in Hektik’s life in any way, you know it vividly describes the hard times he recently went through with friends, girl friend and his family. It was the haunting truth everyone needed to fight depression, uncertainty and help make the next step forward in their lives solidifying how powerful music will be. Over this winter Hektik has been reading a lot and studying life getting ready to write and record his next album witch at this time is untitled. Every time Hektik Touches the mic he grips your mind from start to end. No questions his tracks are about real life. More and more people find themselves relating to his music. Hektik stays true to Hip Hop roots by keeping it real, not trying to redefine Hip Hop but simply just making Good music. Real music. Hek keeps you entertained at all times. Constantly working on perfecting his craft. A true original with un-deniable talent and determination. There's no telling what his next move will be, but one thing is for sure. His next next album will be nothing short of incredible. And Personally, I'm sure it wont leave my cd player for a long time.