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HughEMC is the godfather of Frisco rap and a Bay Area pioneer. He is at his peek MC conditioning and his latest Lp "Day Bay Area Originatorz" is on its way to becoming a Bay Area classic!!

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Artist Country State City Venue Date
Hughemc United States California San Francisco 550 Barneveld Sep 02, 2011
Da Bay Area Originatorz Cover
  • Da Bay Area Originatorz
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Spoken Word
  • HughEMC
  • 05/08/2011
  • Da Bay Area Originatorz
Liner Notes: DA BAYAREA ORIGINATORZ lp The Gangsta Tracks 1.) Da Intro @ 2.) Murder Dem aka Waterloo + 3.) Switch Gearz@ 4.) High Speed(fet 4-Tay & 115’s Tadatay aka T-Gunna) * $ 5.) Dig It Dude + 6.) 1-800-PIMP(fet Marvelous Marv) @ 7.) Giggady @ 8.) Mobbed Out (fet Mint Rock) ^ @ 9.) Stop Hatin’ On Me @ 10.) Sum OG Game (interlude) @ 11.) Give It All You Got (fet P-Town & Mar B) # + 12.) We Getting’ It (fet Co-Blooded the Great & South Side Fancy) @ 13.) So Fly @ 14.) Bonifide (fet the Bay Misses) * $ 15.) U Should Know (fet F.D.O.G.) % + 16.) A Lil Game 2 Grow On (fet Rudy(Big Ru) Corpuz of United Playa’s) @ All songs written,arranged & produced by Hugh-EMC for Kushite/Hugh-Banga Productions except : * T.C.(the Great)Weatherspoon ^Jason Ponce, #StickyMac aka Alladin for Jullian Patrick ENT.,% D-Wiz for B-Pos Prod.,>THX, > YP for YP productions, ? PWEsquire Recorded At: @ Shima Sounds/Engineer-Scott(Skitz)Shimoto, ! L7 for Dues Paid Productions + B-Pos studios/Engineer-D-Wiz, $ T.C.’s/Engineer-T.C. Weatherspoon DA BAYAREA ORIGINATORZ lp The Scientific Tracks 17.) Hip-Hop 101 (Intro) + 18.) Steppin’ On the Gas (fet Cold Blooded The Great,Sticky Mac) # + 19.) Du Dat(fet Mona) > @ 20.)Wiped Down(Lil Dub Niche’,South Side Fancy,Young JP,Shawny Mack,Mar-B)< + } 21.) Cant Tell Me Im Wrong (fet L7,BK,Jinx) ! 22.) Set My Spirit Free (fet D-Wiz) % 23.) Thug Disciple (Skitz Da SamuRida) ? > 24.) Hip Hop 101 (the Interlude) 25.) Pimp Tight (fet Equipto,Cooley,Sonya Wright,Anthony(PomPom)Tilery)@ 26.) Black Diamond (fet T-Kash,Wise Proof,Giana Isis,Anthony(PomPom)Tilery)@ 27.) Thug Biznizz (fet Cold Blooded the Great, Max a Mil) + 28.) Yay Area (fet Sick YG,K-Real) @ 29.)Gangsta Ciphaz (fet B-Major, HellRazor) @ 30.) Keep Ya Head Up(fet Robert FleetWood Bower, Sick YG,Tabb Doe) @ 31.) Da Hustle Da Struggle(Swirl Dog,ROME) @ 32.) War Drumz @ 33.) Hip Hop 101 (Outro) + }Lyrics recorded by Shawny Mac at Trade Mark Studios Minneapolis Mn. Songs 1 to 17 Mastered by TC Witherspoon Songs 18 to 33 II Mastered by D-Wiz In your hands you hold a album that has been almost 15 years in the making. Hugh-EMC & DJ-X1 founded the Fillmoe Hip-Hop dynasty that all are now so familiar with.. Founding the group the M.O.B. which later became the GLP with JT-the Bigga Figga, Seff the Gaffla & D-Moe, Hugh-EMC & DJ-X1 sowed the seeds that would spark a two decade run of Fillmoe prominence in Bay Area Hip-Hop. A peer of Hugh-EMC Rappin’ 4-Tay took “Frisco” Rap to its highest mainstream level to date but it was Hugh-EMC & DJ-X1 who were first to put the city on the map nationally being featured in Right On ,The Source & Spin .Magazines. San Quinn & Messy Marv both were young protégé’s of and heavily influenced by Hugh-EMC & Dj-X1 as were Andre Nickitina, Big Rich, Ya Boy and Bailey. On this double LP Hugh-EMC & DJ-X1 take you back to the original essence of Bay Area Hip-Hop while taking you forward to the future of West Coast music. Take your time kick back and listen to both disc. The game is long & strong and “ The Knowledge is dropped on all levels” -Shalom,A-Sallam-Wa-Lakim,Hotep,Peace To the memory of “Momisa” Estelle “Queen Victoria” Gregory (Moma Said knock them chumps out)
  1. Da Intro
  2. Murder Dem Aka Waterloo
  3. Switch Gearz
  4. High Speed (feat. Rappin 4-Tay, Tadatay Aka T-Gunna, Rappin 4-Tay & Tada...
  5. Dig It Dude
  6. 1-800-PIMP (feat. Marvelous Marv & Marvelous Marv)
  7. Giggady
  8. Mobbed Out
  9. Stop Hating On Me (feat. Cold Blood the Great & Cold Blood the Great)
  10. Sum O.G. Game
  11. Give It All You Got (feat. P-Town, Mar-B, P-Town & Mar-B)
  12. We Getting It
  13. So Fly
  14. Bonifide (feat. The Bay Mrs.)
  15. U Should Know (feat. F.D.O.G.)
  16. A Lil Game 2 Grow On (feat. Rudy Corpuz of United Playaz)
  17. Hip-Hop 101(da Intro) (feat. Dj-X1)
  18. Stepping On Da Gas (feat. Cold Blood the Great, Sticky Mac, Cold Blood t...
  19. Du Dat
  20. Wiped Down (feat. Lil Dub Niche, South Side Fancy, Shawny Mac, Lil Jp & ...
  21. Cant Tell Me Im Wrong (feat. Jinx, L7 & Bk)
  22. Set My Spirit Free (feat. D-Wiz)
  23. Thug Disciple
  24. Hip-Hop 101(da Interlude) (feat. DJ-X1)
  25. Pimp Tight (feat. Equipto, Cooley, Pom Pom & Sonya Right)
  26. Black Diamond (feat. T-Kash & Wise Proof)
  27. Thug Biznizz (feat. Cold Blood the Great & Max a Million)
  28. Yay Area (feat. Sick Yg & K-Real)
  29. Gangsta Ciphaz (feat. B-Major & Hell Raza)
  30. Keep Ya Head Up (feat. Sick Yg, Tab Doe & Bk)
  31. Da Hustle Da Struggle (feat. Rome & Swirl Dog)
  32. War Drumz
  33. Hip-Hop 101(da Outro)