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Jewels Journey to Discovery

Jewels Journey to Discovery

Concept, music and lyrics by Angela Mary Piraino. Vocals by Jahida Jorganes, arrangements by Damien Thorr, Audio by Chris Reiser, Cover Art by Minerva Bloom. Copyright © 2011 Angela Mary Piraino.

Album with 8 original tracks.

With words, rhythms and colors, JEWELS uncovers the layers of some things we take for granted, when we divert our attention away from being present. It is that with language and music, JEWELS shines a brilliant light once again on awareness, and appreciation of cultural diversity. Finding the inherent melody of her words and drawing upon her intuitive flow: these are the things Angela Piraino has come to master. You'll feel compelled to go back and read again and again, each time gaining more depth and insight into the environment and ourselves. With a sense of humor and a sense of wonder at the miracles of nature, JEWELS is bound to inspire an early love of art and poetry, and become a classic for families to grow with and treasure throughout the years.