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Katarrhaktes [abbr. KTRKTS] is a solo project of London-based visual and sonic artist Malcolm James McLean, aka mjmclean. The initial aims in terms of sound were to create a confusion of destructive sonic anarchy and to corrode the sensibilities of normative auditory arrangements. However, these may change as Katarrhaktes evolves.

Guest artists include Joey Levenson of So Young and dream/gospel/noisecore 'nu gaze' group SPC ECO, and Lee Simpson of the experimental, visual concept that is Citizen Tank.

A cataract is a dulling of the vision – a physical blockage that deteriorates the way the brain perceives the world, and therefore, left untreated, it can collapse our sense of reality. Notions both of physical and metaphorical ‘blindness’ are being explored.

The word is derived from the Latin ‘cataracta’, referring to obstructions from above such as waterfalls or portcullises, and, more importantly, from the Greek ‘katarassein’, ‘kataraktes’, ‘katarrhaktes’, meaning ‘to strike/dash down’. Echoing this concept, the sound crafted for Katarrhaktes is dense, noisy, and glitched – a blend of harsh noise and industrial percussion with wavering moments of beauty in the form of orchestral elements and mellow ambience.