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Karl Larry McQuilla-Pyles was born in Jersey City New Jersey on December 10th 1983.

The proud parent’s names are Karla Louise McQuilla, and James Larry Pyles. I was raised in Newark New Jersey. Growing up I was always influenced by music. My mother frequently played classic r&b, and jazz when I was a youth. I listened to the likes of Al Jeraho, Stevie Wonder Luther Vandross, Shade, Anita Baker, Kenny G, and etc. I was heavy into sports and frequently played basketball, and baseball. Early 1990s, In the 4th grade he attended piano lessons at St. Philips Academy located in Newark New Jersey. I also was introduced to Hip Hop that same time frame. My first rap album was made by the late ODB. I played his album religiously. My great grandmother Rosa Gray gave me a small yellow note pad. I started writing poetry in it. I would say it was a working progress, I use to call myself sub-zero, after my favorite mortal kombat character. As my love for music grew, my interest in sports diminished. I started to learn martial arts as well which was time consuming. I learned self control and discipline. Something about learning deadly force seems to calm the soul. During my middle school years I also attended Performing arts school in Newark NJ. I learned music theory, ear training, and musical timing. High school was the years I developed my writing skills. I started with poetry, transformed to lyrics, and shortly songs. I didn’t record them as of yet though, didn’t know how. Rapped with some of my friends during school, but that’s as far as it went. I developed my artist name in High School. People called me KP. So I came up with “Son of Ruler” (SOR). I put the two together K.P/S.O.R , which has two meanings. The first meaning Known Prophet/ Science of rhymes, which I titled the informative side. Known Punishment/ Science of Rhymes is the aggressive, and gritty side. I also came up with melodies on my keyboard at home, and I wrote them on sheet music. When I graduated high school I enrolled in junior college. At essex county college I majored in Music education. I studied under two great professors, by the names of Doctor Alston, and Professor Edwards. Doctor Alston was a Julliard graduate, and both teachers where accomplished musicians. I was fortunate to have them as teachers, which helped my be the musician I am now. I reinforced my musical talents during my years at Essex’s. I met up with an old friend from high school by the name of Jason Logan. He taught me a lot about music production, editing, and the music business. We also collaborated a lot on music. I recorded my first two songs in his studio, I appreciated the help. He started me off on career. During 2001 to 2004 he obtained an associates in Music Education. I went to Lincoln Technical Institute for Automotive technology in 2006, I obtained a trade to help finance my Musical endeavors. My cousin Scott Matthis was interested in music so Mr. Logan and I Co-Produced his Demo. In 2007 he and Scott Matthis started a record label called MPM

Music LLC. Ihelped produce half of Mr. Matthis, album entitled Scott Andrew Matthis

Performs Live Entertainment (SAMPLE). Two singles from the (SAMPLE) album entitled (Say what the

hell I Want, and Escapes ME). Say What the hell I want was played across the world. I also collaborated with many artists such as. Industry in da Streetz, artists in that group are Sparkskilz, Sam Digital. Producers are Jim Knox, and Mr.Rogers. Songs we collaborated on where Milk Crate off of the Hellahansum Vol.1 mixtape, and Chicken and Ribs off of the IM1 the Interlude mixtape. I also record with a crew called The Product, artist in the group are marcel Bertrand (Pariah) Shawn Hollis (Hollis) Scott Matthis(Blackmale) Billy Starks (Cerebrum). Other artist I collabed with are Matthew Giles (Jiffy Stu) Rachel Bailey (Farelly da kid) Pharoph S. Devol) and Shango Gutter. I joined the Navy to promote my music also. I put together 5 projects. OFP the mixtape, Schizophrenic the mixtape, and IM1 the Interlude which can be found on datpiff.com. Can’t Get Enough,Float Music, and Nu Places 2 Sea which can be found on ITUNES, zune, and amazon.com. Two singles released threw digiwaxx.com , Superstar, Life of the Party,Be Mine, and Goodnight are currently in rotation in a club near you. Stay tuned to see a new evolution cause im not done yet folks.

Can't Get Enough Cover
  • Can't Get Enough
  • Pop, Hip Hop/Rap
  • K.P/S.O.R
  • 12/03/2011
  • Can't Get Enough
Liner Notes:
  1. Intro to Life
  2. Turn Away
  3. Can't Get Enough
  4. Let Me Show U (feat. Jiffy Stu)
  5. One In The Same
  6. Round Here (feat. Pariah)
  7. Life Of The Party (feat. Jiffy Stu)
  8. Peep How I Do It
  9. I.C.U.
  10. Stupid People
  11. Extra Fly
  12. Left To Right (feat. Knoxbeats Production)
  13. Save Me Outro
Float Music Cover
  • Float Music
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Pop
  • K.P/S.O.R
  • 06/15/2012
  • Float Music
Liner Notes: All music production and Audio engineering by Karl McQuilla-Pyles for Float Music LLC. thanks to the PRODUCT (Hollis, Pariah, Blackmale, and Cerebrum) for the features. Recorded at Float Music LLC Virginia Beach, VA 23460. contact info kpsor777@gmail.com, thank you (Uncle) Wendell McQuilla for video promotion and for being my managing my affairs you played a big part in this!!! Promotion is the most important role in a project Thank you again. MOM, and both my Dads I love you, thanks for the support!!! to the family thanks for the love, Jerzy stay outta trouble you my brother you know that, MPM Music LLC is the Movement and its still PRO
  1. The Show
  2. All My Life
  3. Float Music (feat. Blackmale)
  4. Gossip (feat. Pariah & Blackmale)
  5. Yea Yea
  6. Talking Down (feat. Blackmale)
  7. The Time Is Now
  8. Shining Star
  9. Superstar
  10. Come On Over Here
  11. Do Are Thing
  12. Want U 2 Myself
  13. Be Mine
  14. Show Clozer
  15. Monsters (feat. Hollis & Pariah)
Nu Places 2 Sea Cover
  • Nu Places 2 Sea
  • Pop, Hip Hop/Rap
  • K.P/S.O.R
  • 07/04/2014
  • Nu Places 2 Sea
  1. Hit'em Up
  2. Is This My Life
  3. Waist My Time
  4. Do What U Should
  5. In the End
  6. Money Is the Motive (feat. Scottie Piffen & Fritz)
  7. Thats How It Goes
  8. Goodnight
  9. Mz. Anonymous
  10. Pensacola
  11. Stopped Lookin (feat. Fritz)
  12. Farewell