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KUBA Ka has been dubbed by critics – the “STAGE ANIMAL”, for his high-octane live performances. “From my very early childhood, I felt the force of nature to become the entertainer. That’s who I am - driven by all parts of me… Stage is my LIFE, show is my WORLD!” says KUBA, who as the artist represents the “STORM OF ENERGY”, what always is taking him to the top of the ultra energetic connection with his audience.

As only a teenager, KUBA became one of the greatest men of 2001 by Polish edition of ELLE magazine.

He is the action packed singer, dancer and actor. Regarding to all of that, he is the ultimate SHOWMAN. Whatever he does is monumental in all meanings. He is about the "FULL ENTERTAINMENT" experience. It includes his extravagant KUBA Kingdom project in Las Vegas with World famous architect – Tom Wright from ATKINS Global, who created the iconic seven-star hotel in Dubai – BURJ AL ARAB. KUBA mentions that his performance is his “MISSION”, as he wants “to light the reality by the magic of entertainment”. In this journey of dreams his wild power becomes a statement of the warrior who stands for making believe that everything is possible. With all in what KUBA believes, he has his humanitarian organization – KUBA ARMY OF LIGHTS, which in KUBA words: “is to shine the light of entertainment in darkest places of the World”.

Truly a life force with a “TWISTER” like dynamism, KUBA creates all-new entertainment formats to wow audiences. For more than a decade, KUBA has captivated the imagination of millions in Europe, on stage, radio, and television. He became the first artist after Michael Jackson to be represented by legendary entertainment manager – Frank Dileo.

DAILY VARIETY wrote: “Dileo, who once managed the late Michael Jackson, has hitched his wagon to Polish mega-watt performer KUBA Ka, who plans to establish a beachhead in the U.S.” Dileo mentioned during the interview for VARIETY: "I am delighted to start an association with KUBA and his production company." Frank Dileo said in his press statement about KUBA: "He's an incredibly unique and versatile performer with an imaginative dynamic vision for his far-reaching projects. We think his one-of-a-kind talent will translate extraordinarily with U.S. and international audiences."