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Lars Klit

Lars Klit

Composer and producer. Especially known for his thriller "The Last Virtuoso". His musical roots has a huge influence in his musical style, and even today he plays the guitar, and uses the instrument as an inspiration for his works. The french "spectral school" penetrates his style from time to time and places his music somewhere between rhythmical and classical ways of musical perception.

TODAY: The huge difference in his music turned out to be the opera for the radio: "Werbung" (commissioned by Danish National Radio - P2). Now he faced the opportunity to produce his own music! WERBUNG was internationally released 08-Oct-2010. Today a new opera is the work-in-progress. More info concerning this project will follow!

Werbung Cover
  • Werbung
  • Alternative, Vocal
  • Lars Klit
  • 10/08/2010
  • Werbung
Liner Notes: WERBUNG is a radioopera commissioned by Danish National Radio (DR). It was broadcasted September the 17th, 2010 on DR-P2. The Libretto is in danish and is not included. BIG H : Jesper Buhl - FRITZ : Jan Lund - STEFFEN : Paul Frederiksen - 1st ANGEL : Klaudia Kidon - 2nd ANGEL : Anne Kleinstrup - MAFIA BOSS : Henrik Favini AND HIS WIFE : Monica Favini - Virtual Concert Master(violino primo) : Bodil Roerbech - El. Cello : Mattias Rodrick - Repetition/Pianoforte/Cembalo : Bo Lundby Jaeger - Composer/voices/jingles/El. Guitars and more : Lars Klit
  1. Scene 1 (Werbung 1)
  2. Scene 2 (Werbung 1)
  3. Scene 3 (Werbung 1)
  4. Scene 4 (Werbung 1)
  5. Scene 5 (Werbung 1)
  6. Scene 6 (Werbung 2)
  7. Scene 7 (Werbung 2)
  8. Scene 8 (Werbung 2)
  9. Scene 9 (Werbung 2)
Mucus Ugly Cover
  • Mucus Ugly
  • Big Band, Jazz
  • Lars Klit & Bogus Romp Bigband
  • 10/12/2011
  • Mucus Ugly
Liner Notes: The work is a mixture of classical and jazz. The music is not based on improvisations, but strictly notated music, and is still in the family with cool jazz. MU is also a tribute to the three major bigwigs: Miles Davis, Gil Evans and especially Jimi Hendrix. This is music for people with non-linear musical taste, and is also a break with traditional thinking about jazz.
  1. Mucus Ugly