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Artist Profile


Lunker Records

Lunkers are big hearted souls who wish to make the world a big hearted place through the one process they know best: music. One of Davey’s early pursuits was the wily lunker, Brown Trout and to bring him luck and easy conversation, he began to wear flies in his beard. Of course the Browns usually won out but the flies stuck and have become his trademark at performances. Brown Trout and the Lunkers like to play venues near great fishing water so…

“Davey Davis is not only my best friend since 1967 and CE partner since 1981, but he’s also my favorite singer/songwriter. Just listen-is all I ask”

- Eddie Russell/CE/OFP Radio/RSN Global Radio Pipeline

Davey and his band play such a diverse collection of original music, from reggae to blues to rock ’n’ roll, that audiences tend not to get bored. They call it “Country Eastern Music” as a label that means no label. They are closely connected with Eddie Russell (contributing songwriter) at Country Eastern West, Outlaw For Peace and the RSN global pipeline in the never ending quest for more and better music for the world.