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Welcome to Matthew Thomas's home page!

Welcome to Matthew Thomas's home page!

"All Rights Reservered"

Matthew Thomas is...

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Modern Rock

---Lyrics, composition, Rhythm Guitar, Drums and all vocals: Matthew Thomas----

---Bass Guitar and composition: Jimmy Xanthos---

---Lead Guitar and composition: JJ Ball---

---Engineered By: (Chief Engineer) Mike Hughey Jr., (Assistant Engineer) Mike Hughey Sr. and Matthew Thomas---

---Art and layout concept by: Matthew Thomas and Anthony Robinson (Photo used was taken by Ami Worthen of the Mad Tea Party while hosting an open mic last year at Moe Daddy's before it closed down)---

---All art illustrations done by Anthony Robinson---

---Matthew Thomas would like to thank the following: First, to my Dad and Mom, Gary and Connie Kallback, for never allowing me to quit and always believeing in me, to my brothers and sister, John, Mark and Hope Kallback, "Aunt" Merit Stomer, my step-brothers, "Big Bill" and Chuck Connolly, and "Uncle" Bill Rizzo, without you guys I don't even want to think where I would be today... To my friends and staff, Anthony Robinson and Mike Hughey Jr. and Sr.,for their patience and perseverance of being part of a dream realized. I couldn't have done it without you! To Dawn Teal at U-turn for her Tasty meals with good people!! To my friends, in New Jersey: Demetri Kosandiak, Stephen Bradbury, Chris Lotito, Cory Pestorian, John Shadle, Mike Garcia (R.I.P.) goodbye my friend... goodbye, Matthew D. Lorenzo (R.I.P.) I miss you Matt, Eric Saccento, Travis Allen (Thank you Donna Seccento!), Dan Wancura, Dan Appleton, Evan Barry, Donnie Hernandez, Dan Burick, Ken at SunFar. I would also like to remember my friends in the band "Muddchild," that I played lead guitar in as a teenager. Thank you Ted Mason, Tony Hallowich, Chris Shea, and Drew "Woody" Daniel for the great times! In North Carolina: Chris Skees, Tim Daly, Jack Ginocchio, Mary Walker, Ike Anazia, Eric Parham, and Danny Jobin. Thank you everyone for allowing me to borrow your strength when I had none left. To Ace Baker for his advise and knowledge, To everyone at the restaurant, "In The Garden"(especially Maggs, Jarred McQueen, and Rick... you guys are the best!). Ron and Phylis at "Felicity's Closet." To Karen Bach at "The Music Box," for your generosity, understanding and patience. To SSgt. Matteson, SSgt. Meyer, and SSgt. Kernan for their kindness, understanding, and strength to do the right thing when others wouldn't (something I know all too well), To Bill Markus for your advise and guidance, Canine Beam for your resilience and tolerance to help me embrace life, and Alma Dass for your care, kindness, emotional support and of course our conversations... Finally, I would like to thank JJ Ball and Jimmy Xanthos for their talent, their time, and above all else... their friendship.

Single: (Released)

"Days, Nights, and Years" (Live: Sept, 21 2012)

----------Yet to be Released------------

EP: (Sealed)

LP: (Sealed)

While "Days, Nights, and Years" is the first song I've ever written, played, produced, and sung from start to finish. (Of course with alot of help from friends that had a passion for music.) It was my first song called "Die Metal," written when I was sixteen on the electric guitar that helped me to find structure when creating songs. While the name is regrettably cheesy, it was the significance of a mistake made by my old Rhythm guitarist, Travis Allen, when he changed a riff too soon in the beginning of the the song (that made it sound amazing!!), setting in motion the beginning of my understanding of how the guitar blends and connects, finally, laying the foundation that has helped create the sound of Matthew Thomas. Thank you again my friend and I miss you.

Matthew Thomas, JJ Ball and Jimmy Xanthos recorded "Days, Nights, and Years" in Burnsville and Weaverville, using the "Boss BR-600" Multi-processing unit (just only using the left and right channel internal microphones and instrument cable plugins for guitars, except JJ Ball who used the internal mics instead, on the BR-600, Thank you Boss!) and mixed down/mastered by "Fruity Loops Studio 9.0" at Mike Hughey Jr.'s Home Studio in Weaverville.

My main influences are two great guitarists and even greater friends, Larry "Doc" Wadsworth because he first turned me onto the BR-600 and let me borrow his for almost a year. Thanks again for that Larry and Semper Fi!(I hope your happy and safe where ever you are, I miss you my brother...!) and JJ Ball who has been instrumental in helping me find my voice and the confidence to use it!

My other influences (though you're not going to believe it) Include: Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, Type-O-Negative (R.I.P. Peter Steele), Iron Maiden, Nile, Death (R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner), Megadeth, Pantera (R.I.P. "Diamond Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott), Nine Inch Nails, Danzig, Audio Slave, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, "RENT The Musical" (Especially the final performance...), and The Producers (The one with Matthew Broderick and Will Ferrell!) Linkin Park, Alice in Chains, Drake, T-Pain, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Nelly, Kelly Roland, Usher, T.I. whatever is playing on the radio, like the Hawk and Tom's morning show on B93.7, 105.9 The Mountain, or Power 98 FM WPEG (especially No Limit Larry and the Morning Maddhouse, Ms. Ivory, and Mr. Incognito!)


--Days, Nights, and Years-- (All Rights Reserved)

Don't look back/ you'll miss what's right in front of you/ Cause I spent so many days/ wondering what I had done

Don't blame them/ for they're not the ones/ Cause I spent so many nights/ Deep inside myself, my hurt, my pain

Will ever wash away/ Cause I spent so many years/ away from it all so I could live my life


Just breath/ and know/ it's in the depths/ of your mind/ Don't remember/ instead/ just try to survive


Don't look Down/ you'll hold it all inside of you/ Cause I spent so many days/ Believing in what was said

Don't look up/ for it might forsake you/ Cause I spent so many nights/ Trying to comprehend, understand

The meaning behind it all/ Cause I spent so many years/ Defeated and withdrawn my very own, Armageddon


Try to survive... so I can close my eyes Just know/ that no matter/ What may appear/ I've lasted/ All these days,/ nights, and years...


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PLEASE disregard LINER NOTES below, for they are a rougher, none editable version as I misinterpreted their use. I would like to appologize for any confusion this might cause...