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Artist Profile

Michel Rousset ~ Composer

Michel Rousset ~ Composer

Michel’s compositions are richly expressive whether he is creating Jazz, Alternative, Pop, Jazz-Fusion, Classical, or Contemporary music. Michel’s sound commands great listening appeal from a wide variety of global listeners.

Michel’s music awakens the senses. His compositions will capture your attention and fill your spirit with expressive intellect. Rousset’s impressive world tour performances, concerts, television series appearances, support his ability to reach a variety of our Global Community.

His music is vigorous, warm, seductive, powerful, delicate, mystical, relaxing, spirited, in a style of distinct integrity of each piece with ‘universal appeal’.

Here’s what first time listeners had to say about Michel’s music:

“I love hearing this mans’ music.” J. Egan ~ New York 6-19-08

“I’m hooked. This is sensational music” M. Kaneshige ~ Hawaii 6-03-2008

“Oh, such beautiful music” R. Bartucci ~ Las Vegas 6-10-08

“Very nice instrumentals” C. Alverson ~ San Francisco 6-02-08

"Felicidad is my favorite" D. Rougheaad ~ Brisbane Australia 7-23-2008

"Very spiritual & briliante" J. Dubois ~ Casablanca Morroco 12-29-2008

"He is fantastic" H. Metzger - Mandelo Italy ~ 3-19-2009

Michel's fans have created a fire storm of listeners on social network sites. More and more people are asking about his music.

In the past 14 months, Michel has created over 50 new arrangements. Included in his repertoire is a series he has composed for every ocean in the world as a partner in the "Waves of Change", a 5 year campaign to save the oceans.

This CD, "I'm Waiting for You" features selected music from Michel's popular album series; "Oceans", "Felicidad", "Energy", and "Reflections"

"I'm Waiting for You" is available to be shipped NOW!

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