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MUDPIE (Groovy Pop Tunes and Treats)

MUDPIE (Groovy Pop Tunes and Treats)

Those colorful cartoon cuties of sugar-coated cheezy pop-confections, MUDPIE, have returned with new music, previously unreleased tracks from their archives and the long awaited digital re-release of their catalog favorites.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1990, MUDPIE had a vision to put the silliness back in bubble-gum pop. Bringing smiles and giggles and toe-tapping goodness to local venues, the band went on to perform for unsuspecting audiences across America. Their independent debut, The Brown Album, featured their early fan-favorites, including the radio single “The Fish Song,” featured regularly on the Dr. Demento radio show. Their 1995 analog magnum opus, Self-Congratulatory and Frolicking in the Rain, quickly achieved indie pop cult-classic status.

In 1995, MUDPIE were tapped to compose the score for the motion picture parody XX-Men. More recently Vocalist, Joe “Mama” Carona has been heard as the on-air host and engineer for the popular Pure Rock online Used Bin Radio show. Guitarist, Sean Tauzier’s recent Producer and Engineer credits include releases from Allen Toussaint, the New Orleans Rhythm Makers and New Birth Brass Band. Now,MUDPIE return with X-Trax, a collection of brand new songs, with previously unreleased tracks. And for the first time ever... it’s digital. Enjoy!

Find them all on Amazon, iTunes, CD Universe and all your favorite digital stores:

The Brown Album (1994)

Self-Congratulatory and Frolicking in the Rain (1995)

X-Trax - featuring the XX-Men Suite (2015)


Joseph Carona (aka JOE MAMA) - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Guitars and Vaudevillian Cheez.

Sean Tauzier (aka SEAN E. RIVER) - Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals and Bell-Bottom Trousers

Brian Gray (aka BRIAN DAMAGE) - Keyboards, Vocals, Artistic Performance Art and Visuals

Ricky Sandoval (aka LITTLE RICKY) - Bass, Vocals, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Self-Congratulatory and Frolicking in the Rain Cover
  • Self-Congratulatory and Frolicking in the Rain
  • Pop
  • Mudpie
  • 03/07/2015
  • Self-Congratulatory and Frolicking in the Rain
  1. Harrison's Pond
  2. Rose Colored Glasses
  3. Falling
  4. Firegirl
  5. I Found You
  6. Stagefright
  7. Postcards
  8. Mudpie
  9. Stevie Watching Weather
  10. Wonderful
  11. Shades
  12. Swimming Away
  13. The Carnival
  14. Serious
The Brown Album Cover
  • The Brown Album
  • Pop
  • Mudpie
  • 03/07/2015
  • The Brown Album
  1. Mudpie
  2. Firegirl
  3. Spontanaity
  4. Chlamydia Head
  5. Pet-Mud Sounds
  6. I Woke up in Love This Morning
  7. The Winter Child
  8. I Got You Babe
  9. Yoohoo Blues
  10. At Least He Gets to Do the Solo
  11. Somebody Wants (Whatever You Got)
  12. The Fish Song
  13. The Harmonic Inquisitors Quest for Danny Bonaduce's Satanic Steel Penis
  14. Serious
  15. The Cheez Medley
  16. Calling Sarah
  17. Stoneman Always Wins
  18. Facial Muscles
Xtrax Cover
  • Xtrax
  • Pop
  • Mudpie
  • 03/07/2015
  • Xtrax
  1. Forever (Say Yes)
  2. Time
  3. This Time Tomorrow
  4. Where's My Cellphone?
  5. Leave My Cellphone Alone
  6. A Farewell to Cellphones
  7. The Key
  8. XX-Men Suite