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Ndau Afro-Jazz Fusion

Ndau Afro-Jazz Fusion

The 2-Syds, Sydaira Rose and Sydney Ten'ani, feel privileged and honored to present a jazz rendition of their Ndau African cultural classic and Sukuta family "home-grown" heritage tunes. Some of the tunes were passed down at least four generations and their meanings and contexts are addressed in the book "Precious Mt. Silinda" penned by their grandmother Mrs. Kate E. Sukuta

This album comes to you in two versions, instrumental and vocal, which are complementary and equally satisfying. The vocal version is sang in both Ndau and English (Ndanglish). In addition, all versions of this music are also available for downloading through digital media outlets.

Music performed by the New World Jazz Project. The New World Jazz Project consists of: Niall McGuinness, saxophones, flute, percussion. George Tavoularis, keyboards. Kyle Rothchild, bass. Eric Finkelstein, drums.

Recorded at Rothchild Studios, Carson City, Nevada on May 23, 2015. Kyle Rothchild, engineer. Niall McGuinness, producer. All song arrangements by Niall McGuinness and New World Jazz Project. Sydney Sukuta, composer and vocals (Vol.2) producer.

Mrs. Kate E. Sukuta and son Sydney Sukuta, executive producers.