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Artist Profile

Peter "Mooky" Meso

Peter "Mooky" Meso

Peter is a pioneer of the new age of the piano. He is a piano virtuoso with brilliant piano skills, creating his own piano world. His most favourite form is the transcription. In 2009 he created an extraordinary piano project entitled "Complete Michael Jackson's Songs For Concert Piano" with the idea of the concert transcriptions of the MJ's music. Now he is presenting the new approved CD with such great songs as Bad, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Speed Demon, Heal The World, Beat It and many others. Except of this project he is creating plenty of original transriptions of the Hollywood film music main titles by the composers as John Williams, Danny Elfman, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Gabriel Yared and others. Peter is also a great composer and arranger. His piano performances and recitals are usually accompanied by his spoken sleevenote and so he likes to be also an entertainer and loves to get closer to the audience. In the musical world he adores two things: Michael Jackson and American film music, but his huge repertoiry consists of about 5000 compositions of various styles. Peter has a classical piano education from the State Conservatory of Prague, he also studied the classical piano in Moscow and admires Russian piano school.

His repertoiry consists of about 120 Michael Jackon´s songs addapted for virtuoso piano, original transcriptions of the famous movie titles including Harry Potter, Batman, Man In Black, Spider-Man, Beetlejuice, E.T.Extra-Terrestrial, Jurrassic Park, Schindler´s List, English Patient, Star Trek, Star Wars, Cocoon, several classical piano concertos and other over 5000 compositions of all genres.

Peter is currently represented by Michael Packer´s WindMill Music, New York.