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Artist Profile


Pirelli Poe

Since a young fellow, the Norwegian born man of mystery, Pirelli Poe, has had his eyes on the music business. With lots of hands on experience from having his own studio, he began rapping at the age of 17. Now he’s gone from writing songs to even producing his own material. Being such a multi-talent, the Norwegian bred artist is a force to be reckoned with. He has already garnered accolades and attention from many of the industry’s leading producers, artists and entrepreneurs. Poe is now looking to take his artistry to the next level, and with his new mixtape dropping at the beginning of 2008, the world will get to know what many music insiders already know. Pirelli Poe is headed for the top.

The rapper has an incredible business savvy. His work ethic is reminiscent of revered business men in the way he manages to juggle different things simultaneously. He’s a tattoo artist, a personal trainer, clothing designer, real estate owner, producer and most importantly an artist. Though he got many business opportunities lined up for him, his main focus is now on progressing as an artist. His cool and down to earth persona has gotten him some important connections in the US, and Poe spent the summer in LA this year wrapping up his first mixtape.

Pirelli Poe has never been one to shy away from facing the challenges of life head on. He’s totally aware of the dedication and responsibility it takes to make his dream a reality. With a desire to share his story, Poe has named his forthcoming release “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. It’s a compilation of tracks with many talented artists including a compelling song with LA’s favorite latino, Omar Cruz. The tape is hosted by the one and only Dj Skee, and with this release, the rising star is now getting ready to take the world by storm. “People see the chains and the flashy jewelry and think I’ve been lucky financially. However, they don’t know that I’ve put in a fair share of blood, sweat and tears to get where I’m at. It’s not like I got everything by a fluke”.

The voice of Pirelli Poe captivates with its raw and distinct sound. His delivery is refreshing and has a signature to it. With a unique ability to write catchy hooks and candid lyrics, he manages to write songs that will make the listener begging for more. He can do personal and serious songs, but he is also a master at cracking jokes and dropping witty punchlines. After the release of his first mixtape, a scorching hot single produced by none other than Cool & Dre featuring the latter will be dropped. The single is called “Dead People” and was recorded this summer in LA. The song is a sure smash and is guaranteed to get spins.

“I went into the studio with them and the room was packed! Dj Skee and June the video guy from Skee TV was there. So was a couple of guys from Omar Cruz’s crew and two of Christina Milian’s girlfriends. Dre played me a few tracks and I fell in love with the vibe on the “Dead People” beat. Dre was surprised that I picked that one, but he was totally feelin’ it. Omar Cruz’s producer /engineer Rome put on the beat and I wrote the lyrics within twenty minutes. It happened very quickly but we all loved the way it turned out. Once my vocals were done, we all knew we had recorded something special. Being in the studio with them was an amazing experience. And it will definitely happen again,” Poe gushes.

It’s always in people’s interest to know the origin of an artist’s name. Of course, Poe has a story behind his well thought-out name. “I used to work at my dad’s rim and tire shop when I was a youngin’. When I grew older and got my license, I became a true car fanatic. Whenever I spent my well-earned cash on a new whip, he would always suggest the high-quality and expensive Pirelli tires. When my dad passed away earlier this year it suddenly hit me, I wanted to incorporate Pirelli into my artist name. I think it sounds pretty fly too.”

Pirelli Poe has already been noticed within his homeland for his accomplishments in the US. Without a single release, there’s a debate going on discussing his American way of doing things. Some have been quick to judge while others have kept an open-minded attitude. One thing is for sure; his forthcoming mixtape will make some serious noise.