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Randy Rhythm Project

Randy Rhythm Project

Mental Health that will Rock your mind.

Randy Rhythm Project is

'Living, Coping, Breathing...'

Living, Coping, Breathing... is a journey into the daily life of a person who lives in a realm we don’t quite understand.

Ben lived in that realm…

my childhood and lifelong friend... Ben...

His story is the motivation behind the Randy Rhythm Project.

Ben suffered in ways almost indiscernible, but progressively fatal.

Living, Coping, Breathing... paints a picture of the thoughts in the mind of one who suffered from Mental Health issues.

Our hope is that the album will take you on a journey… as if you visited Ben with me and spent time with him for a few days.

Randy Rhythm

Living, Coping, Breathing... Cover
  • Living, Coping, Breathing...
  • Rock
  • Randy Rhythm Project
  • 12/10/2013
  • Living, Coping, Breathing...
  1. Way to Go
  2. Wake up... (My Friend)
  3. The Rap
  4. Without Fear
  5. One Day... Someday
  6. I Can't Let You Go
  7. Test Pattern
  8. Mr. Mean
  9. Alter Ego
  10. Not Knowing
  11. What You Make It
  12. Amen
The Rap Cover
  • The Rap
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Rock
  • Randy Rhythm Project
  • 11/23/2013
  • The Rap
  1. The Rap