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Ray Sytes

Ray Sytes

Originally from Georgetown, Guyana , Ray Sytes delivers both entertainment and

lyrics true to his heart with a multicultural twist. The mixtape “Tote My Flag” which

inspired by his life, generated over 25,000 downloads since its release in June 2011.

Upon witnessing New York City’s large Caribbean population, the Hip Hop/Dancehall

artist created the “Far South Movement” to “fill a void” in the music of his country

and pave a way for other Guyanese artists to step into the Hip Hop/Rap realm.

His single “Cant Back Down” has received over 23,000 youtube views. The single

is currently receiving major radio play in markets from Washington, Georgia

and the Carolinas. The song has been charted on the Rythmic and Urban Indie


Ray Sytes, was chosen by Innovation Entertainment as one of three rappers to be

featured on the new Kwanza Jones song, “Vicious”. Discovered by Innovation

Entertainment through the cutting-edge creative social media platform

Talenthouse.com, the featured rappers Ray Sytes, Big Rush and Denace traveled

to Los Angeles, CA where they recorded at the Boom Boom Room Studios with

Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Luke Tozour (Katy Perry, Adam Lambert,

Jamie Cullum).

Cant Back Down (feat. Anna) Cover
  • Cant Back Down (feat. Anna)
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Pop
  • Ray Sytes
  • 02/24/2011
  • Cant Back Down (feat. Anna)
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  1. Cant Back Down (feat. Anna)