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Originally from Texas, ShowMeEyes hails from San Jose, Ca. and was "formed" in 2000.

Recorded in the span of a year and a half, ShowMeEyes returns to sound crafting in his first, full length album debut titled, "Psalms For An Empress". Inspired by the romantic imagery of the Roman Empire, Greek mythology and their passionate tragedies and stories, hallucinated betrayal, and the personal self-created heartbreak are all but apparent as ShowMeEyes gains focus in this unique effort. Subtle and cryptic hints of determination & hope, images of romantic nightmares slowly open the door into his mental bedroom as he creates a true sonic sound-scape.

Allowing the reel-to-reel analog machines to rest for this entire effort, a pawned digital 8 track recorder, an upgrade in microphones, as well as much needed equipment was slowly acquired for this odyssey in order to make room for the classic layering method of recording. Nothing was left behind during the recording process and ShowMeEyes truly offers you his heart on a platter, still beating for the world to hear. The songs open with immediate warmth, as the pace of this record takes form. Slow-motion electronic beats, hushed and breathy main vocals, vocal brushstrokes, acoustic guitars, twangy electric hollow-bodies, analog synths,turntables, tape-loops, sampled opera singers, voice-mails, and the classic blips & blirps are all apparent but are much more cleaner, heavier in heart, and more chord driven this time around.

"I wanted this record to be captured in every way I thought was personally possible, and challenged myself to create a sound I felt needed to be purged from within. I wanted this record to be this romantic, dark and moody scene that was somehow beautiful and moving in my heart. I was engulfed with stories and imagery from the Roman Empire and Greek mythology. I used those as foundations to inspire my work, which were then complimented by personal imagery that helped set and finalize my tone. I wanted my beats to move in one direction, yet the guitars and vocals to go in another and somehow blend into this ethereal form. It’s sonic, yet dreamy. Moody yet peaceful. Dark yet hopeful. I wanted people to be able to listen to this record and digest all sounds as one piece, then go back and truly listen to the production and here me bleed my heart out, to show and prove honesty in my work. I’m not scared to let people in, but I’ve never been literal in how it’s offered".

"I approached a friend of mine, Roger Anderson who works under the pseudonym, Halcyon High, for guitars on Euryale. Roger’s ability to play huge, warm sonic guitars is something he has honed in his work and I was honored that he played on this record. He’s just so good with setting moods on guitars, I knew I had to have him record on Euryale. Thankfully, he did".

"I also approached the vocalist of Washington D.C. based The Picture Is Dead, Sam Serafy to perform vocals on Cruel World. Sam’s vocal style to me, is so unique, I had to have him record a song with me. His sound reminds me of the music that inspired me when I was young and I seriously couldn’t think of anyone else to record vocals on Cruel World. Simply put, he was THE only one on my list. He obliged and the results were matchless, and it just added another compliment to this entire record".

•ShowMeEyes produced all songs for this record from his home studio, Trust Is A Ghost located in San Jose, Ca.

•Guitars on Euryale were recorded by Roger Anderson in San Francisco, Ca.

•Vocals and words on Cruel World were recorded by Sam Serafy in Washington D.C.

•NO Recording Software was used during the production of this record.

• Roger Anderson’s music can be experienced from: http://myspace.com/halcyonhigh1

• Music from The Picture Is Dead can be experienced from: http://myspace.com/thepictureisdead

ShowMeEyes recorded two prior efforts, "The Struggling E.P." and "One Bright Coma", respectively.

The Struggling E.P.

Recorded over the span of 3 years, The Struggling E.P. was captured in the home of ShowMeEyes. These songs were recorded using vintage analog reel-to-reel recorders, cheap thrift store mics, turntables for real-time sampling, found reel-to-reel tapes, and right handed guitars being played upside down. The songs you’ll encounter on this E.P. are beautifully crafted sounds of sonic delicacy that create imagery and moods in the most basic form. The Struggling E.P. introduces you to the unconventional approach of song writing and brings you as close as possible to the artist himself, ShowMeEyes.

One Bright Coma

Recorded at home during the Spring and Summer of 2006, this CD contains 3 main songs accompanied by 4 “soundscapes” and offers a more ethereal approach to the recording process of ShowMeEyes. Here, the artist offers you warmer songs with a minimalist approach using drawn out guitar moans, quiet vocals, and romantic song crafting that takes you away to the dustbowl parts of Texas towns (Amarillo By Mourning, The Neck Of Marfa), a drum machine driven track "A Royal Dynasty" and includes a very heart warming homage to the great French Swiss-born architect / designer, Le Corbusier. The effort in these songs carry the weight of a thousand horses.