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Electronica / Ambient / Dark Ambient / Trance / Tribal / Techno / EDM / Experimental / New Age

I have been creating electronic music now for years. Just as a painter paints with brushes and paint, I approach my music as if it's a canvas of sound. Invoking the listener to become immersed in the sound and take a journey through time and space. From untraveled foreign lands to the deepest darkest voids of endless space. Together we journey through this creative process and if I'm able to inspire others and make some new friends along the way, then I know my musical efforts truly have been a success. ; )

Sweet Street Cover
  • Sweet Street
  • Electronic, New Age
  • Skullscape
  • 06/24/2009
  • Sweet Street
Liner Notes: Artist: Skullscape Track: Sweet Street (Single) From The Album: Beatballiss Release Date: Thursday, June 25, 2009 Production Date: Sunday, February 03, 2008 Label: Skull Corp. Extreme Media Copyright: © 2009 Shane Dentz, Skullscape Song Length: 3:30 minutes, BPM: 120 Genres: Ambient, Techno, Trance Website: http://www.skullscape.com/ ISRC: USTC00913047 TRACK BACKGROUND: "When your flow is smooth & nothings out of place, your on Sweet Street!" Skullscape - audio traverse...
  1. Sweet Street