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Symphonic Slam

Symphonic Slam

5 stars As a longtime signed and seasoned pro recording artist who will remain anonymous for this review, I must say that Symphonic Slam is one of the great albums of all time- PERIOD. It's too bad some people just don't get it. Then again, great music is never understood by the masses, and it just goes to show that sophisticated music is only for sophisticated minds. This is exactly the case here, as Symphonic Slam was WAY ahead of its time, in too many ways to list here. A great album- PERIOD.

Timo Laine

Timo, over the years, has become known for his masterful guitar style. Timo released a ground breaking album with A&M Records worldwide in the early years of his career.The recording ended up as being the first major guitar synthesizer release. The album was called "Symphonic Slam". What Timo had done was hook up six Oberhiem synthesizers to his Les Paul guitar. Each string had its own synthesizer that could be set up separately. The original Timo Laine Symphonic Slam cd is now available here at timolainemusic.com and CD Baby.

Symphonic Slam members were David Stone Keys, and John Lowery, on drums. David Stone moved on to play with Richie Blackmore, after Timo relocated back to Hollywood, to start work on Symphonic Slam SSII.

Prior to the A&M Records releases, Timo had recorded an album with Neil Merryweather, called Space Rangers. The album was recorded at Capital Records, and released by Mercury Records.

Timo`s cd, Guitar Works Special Edition,

is all instrumental .The music is in the flavor of material much like Joe Satriani, but with Timo`s extra dash of guitar synthesizer. Included on this cd are a great selection of guitar tones with, electric, acoustic, nylon, and guitar synthesizer. Guitar Works Special Edition was complimented by the styles of Jeff Hull on bass guitar.

Timo has performed with acts such as the Rolling Stones, BB King, Tina Turner, Rush, Chuck Berry, and many other major artists to name a few.

On Timo's CD "Her Fire," Les Carlsen, former lead man for the musical "Hair" and more recently, "Bloodgood", compliments the group on many of the tunes. Noe Cruz, Timo's bass man since the early years, performs with an aggressive edge on this work. Noe replaced Jimmy Haslip, during the production of the SSII album in the eighties because Jimmy, went on to form the group Yellow Jackets. Bob Winn, plays drums, and back up vocals, on Her Fire. Guest artists include: Mike Meucci: vocals, Mark Vaughn: drums, Dennis Brown: drums, and Larry Class: keyboards.

Musea Records acquired the rights from Universal Records to re-issue the first Symphonic Slam album CD worldwide in 2002.

In April of 2011 Musea Records re-issued

TIMO Symphonic Slam SSII world wide. SSII members were: Linda Nardini, keys, Jimmy Haslip, bass, Noe Cruz, Bass, Jan Uvena, Drums, and John Lowery , drums.

On this site, we are offering four releases:

Guitar Works Special Edition, Monotrim Project, Her Fire, and Symphonic Slam.

Symphonic Slam is in production of a new

material with the line up of players. Bob Winn: Drums / vocals, Steve Eddy: Keyboards / vocals / keyboard bass, and Timo on guitars, guitar synths, and vocals.

Symphonic Slam Cover
  • Symphonic Slam
  • Rock
  • Timo Laine Symphonic Slam
  • 04/13/2008
  • Symphonic Slam
  1. Universe
  2. Everytime
  3. Fold Back
  4. I Wont Cry
  5. Let It Grow
  6. Modane Train
  7. Times Run Short
  8. Days
  9. Summer Rain
  10. How Do You Stand
Her Fire Cover
  • Her Fire
  • Rock, Blues
  • Timo Laine Symphonic Slam
  • 02/15/2003
  • Her Fire
Liner Notes: Rock and Jazz progressive compositions that lead the imagination to new spaces and new sounds. World class Guitar and Vocal performances by seasoned masters. A much awaited work from Timo Laine, remembered from his Famous Symphonic Slam work of the early years with A&M Records.
  1. River Runs Wide
  2. Mona Mae
  3. Heavenly
  4. Save Your Soul
  5. Age Old Story
  6. Without You
  7. Tweek Me
  8. Dream Love
  9. Guitar Man
  10. Silk and Lace
  11. With a Woman