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Born February 14, in Inglewood CA, TARE-el experienced the many trials of struggling family matters. His move to Dublin, GA at a young age provided a more southern way of living and slower paced environment. TARE-el’s early childhood years were difficult and at the age of 8, a separation from his sisters would cause a devastating blow triggering his resentment towards family. He was taken from his mother at the age of 10 and placed in a Foster Home. Moving from home to home created a sense of instability for TARE-el. He was able to find stability in MUSIC. Although TARE-el has a speech impediment, he is able to RAP with a comprehensive flow.

Even though he made previous mistakes in his adulthood, he decided to turn his life around. He made music a key focus at the age of 20 and was a member of the rap group Black Night Regime in Middle Georgia. In 2001, TARE-el moved to Gulfport, Mississippi where he was introduced to a new style of music. By embracing this particular style of music and life, TARE-el was reintroduced to the world as T.R.E.A.L (Taking Responsibility on Everything And Learning). He began working with other artists by arranging songs, ghostwriting, and co-producing tracks for them to market and distribute, creating a Gulf Coast sound by combining his talent with theirs. During that time, TARE-el was still participating in street activities; where he experienced close encounters with various misfortunes. Through God’s GRACE and MERCY, he was able to recognize that God is in control of his destiny and he was protected from the life threatening risks associated with street activity.

Today TARE-el has totally given his life, talent and music to God. He is now working on his first Spiritual Hip Hop & Soul album titled "C.S.A. (Christian Service Announcement)". This album is very personal, spiritual, energetic, heartfelt and true! This is TARE-el’s introduction into the world of Spiritual Hip Hop & Soul (Hip Hop from his spirit to your soul)! TARE-el also has his own label, C.S.A. Music Group, LLC. So Stay tuned….TARE-el has ambitious plans for C.S.A. Music Group in 2014 .

God has really made a statement with TARE-el’s life and he is ready to tell the world through his music ministry. His music is a combination of Gospel and Hip Hop: HIS TESTIMONY!!!

Well Done (feat. Raven Nevar) Cover
  • Well Done (feat. Raven Nevar)
  • Hip Hop/Rap, Christian/Gospel
  • Tare-El
  • 01/20/2014
  • Well Done (feat. Raven Nevar)
  1. Well Done (feat. Raven Nevar)