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The Law Band

The Law Band

THE LAW BAND is a hard rockin' country act based in the southern music capital of Atlanta, Georgia, with influences of Americana, rockabilly, bluegrass and psychedelic, that appeals to both the rural roughneck and urban artist in us all. Their debut album “Dust and Aether,” released on December 21, 2012, complete with comic book illustrations, is a musical and visual tribute to all the cowboys, pioneers, gunslingers, hillbillies and wanderers who live free and write their own rules.

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
The Law Band United States Georgia ATLANTA Tour dates on thelawband.com Dec 31, 2014
Dust and Aether Cover
  • Dust and Aether
  • Country, Alternative
  • The Law Band
  • 12/20/2012
  • Dust and Aether
Liner Notes: Produced & Engineered by Aaron Hill. Additional Engineering by Nancy Kaye, Chandler McGee & Trevor Turville. Mastered By Christopher Ian Brooker. All songs written by Chandler McGee & Aaron Hill. "Bloody Boots" also written by Trey Tillman & "Passenger" also written by Trevor Turville. Artwork & Photographs Contributed by Aaron Hill, Chandler McGee & Nancy Kaye. Art Direction by Aaron Hill & Graphic Design by Nancy Kaye. Front Cover Design by Pimphand. The Law Band would like to thank all the people that cared, gave their time & hard work, you know who you are. Special thanks to the McGee Family & Amasa Smith. This album is dedicated in loving memory to Jerry & Jason McGee. More Info & Lyrics at THELAWBAND.COM
  1. Some Say
  2. Cold Beer
  3. I Have Also Found
  4. Big Game
  5. Crazy Lonesome
  6. Bantaro
  7. Country Boy
  8. Hell Ridin' Demon
  9. Bloody Boots
  10. Passenger
  11. Trucker Reborn
  12. Howlin'
  13. Rain and Sand
  14. Joe Cooper
  15. Fire and Light