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STEPHEN PEARCY'S  Top Fuel Records 2020

STEPHEN PEARCY'S Top Fuel Records 2020

Stephen Pearcy founded Top Fuel Records in 1995 to release his solo music, and for artists who want their music heard and done their way.

Stephen Pearcy working on his 6th NEW solo record "TBA" on Top Fuel Records 2020.

Currently on the Top Fuel Records roster are; STEPHEN PEARCY, ARCADE, MICKEY RATT, NITRONIC, RIOT BRIDES, ERIK FERENTINOS, The Antidivision, also releasing new old collectors never released ARCADE, Mickey Ratt, Solo muzik compilations. Including Stephen Pearcy's re recorded RATT hit's.

Social Intercourse Cover
  • Social Intercourse
  • Rock, Heavy Metal
  • 04/14/2011
  • Social Intercourse
Liner Notes: Ratt lead singer Stephen Pearcy's 1st solo release on Top Fuel Records. SEP Muzik 2011/BMI 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!
  1. I Gotta Be Me (Pearcy)
  2. Can't Ever Get Enough (Pearcy)
  3. Freak (Pearcy/Kelli/Overby)
  4. In Like Pink (Pearcy)
  5. Ya Gotta Love That (Pearcy)
  6. In the Corner (Pearcy/Kelli)
  7. Turn It Upside Down (Pearcy/Montajano)
  8. Live to Die (Pearcy)
  9. Ya Talkin' to Me (Pearcy)
  10. Five Fingers (Pearcy/Kelli)
  11. Rock Kandy (Pearcy)
Vicious Delite Cover
  • Vicious Delite
  • Heavy Metal, Rock
  • Vicious Delite
  • 04/14/2011
  • Vicious Delite
Liner Notes: VICIOUS DELITE (Top Fuel Records) ALL Songs; SEP Muzik 2000-2011/BMI 2000-2011 Except noted on song credits. Produced & Mixed by: Rick Norman & SEP for TFR 2011 ALL Rights Reserved
  1. The F#*K (Pearcy/Andrews)
  2. So Depressed (Pearcy/Marcus)
  3. Just Like the Rest (Pearcy/Andrews)
  4. Outta Sight, Outta Mind (Pearcy/Marcus)
  5. Railbreak 2000 (Pearcy)
  6. Pusher (Pearcy/Gill)
  7. Inception (Pearcy/Gill)
  8. What's up W/That (Pearcy/Gill)
  9. Like a Dog (Pearcy)
Fueler Cover
  • Fueler
  • Heavy Metal, Rock
  • 04/14/2011
  • Fueler
Liner Notes: Produced by SEP for Top Fuel Records/Executive Producer Stephen E. Pearcy 2004 ALL Music SEP Muzik 2004-2011/BMI 2011 Except noted on song credits. ALL Rights Reserved Top Fuel Records 2011
  1. Overdrive (Pearcy)
  2. Kill Kitty (Pearcy/Zavon)
  3. That Sick Thing (Pearcy/Kelli)
  4. Godsmack (Pearcy/Zavon)
  5. Drive With Me (Pearcy/Zavon)
  6. Spy vs Spy (Pearcy/Kelli)
  7. Young and the Damned (Pearcy/Ferentinos)
  8. Dream Machine (Pearcy)
  9. Back for More Mondo Fonix Mix (Pearcy/Crosby) Re Recording
  10. Lay It Down Bastard Luv Mix (Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier/De Martini) Re Recor...
Mickey Ratt Cover
  • Mickey Ratt
  • Rock, Rock
  • Mickey Ratt "The Garage Tape Dayz" 78-81
  • 05/01/2011
  • Mickey Ratt
Liner Notes: MICKEY RATT, founded by Ratt lead singer Stephen Pearcy and co founder guitarist Chris Hager (Rough Cutt) in San Diego 1978. As a four piece with Stephen Pearcy fronting the band and playing guitar, Chris Hager on lead, established themselves as a premier local band. With Pearcy writing mostly original material from the inception of the band, they stood out amongst the the other local bands. Headlining every major hall, club and even bigger venues in San Diego before packing up their bags and leaving to full fill the dreams of rock stardom in Hollywood, Ca. On the advice of Stephen's best friends at the time. told him that he should check out a rock band in L.A. by the name of Van Halen. So he did, and a whole new world was introduced to Mr. Pearcy. Away they went, Jan. 1, 1980. The rest is history, as they say! Pearcy dropped the Mickey from the name and went thru countless line up changes before settling on Ratt in 1983 as the band we know it as. Twenty (20) Million records sold worldwide and sold out arenas tours and still going strong. ALL Music SEP Muzik/BMI 2011 Except Trk (9) Hager/ASCAP 2011. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Top Fuel Records 2000-2011.
  1. Ratt Madness (Pearcy) Original Version 1979
  2. Railbreak (Pearcy) Original Version 1979
  3. Out of the Cellar (Pearcy) 1979
  4. Bad Dogs (Pearcy) 1978
  5. Terror on the Midway (Pearcy) 1979
  6. Top Secret (Pearcy) Original Version 1978
  7. Drivin' on E (Pearcy) 1980
  8. Dr. Rock (Pearcy) Original Live Version 1982
  9. Magnetic Telescopes (Hager/Pearcy) 1979
  10. City to City (Pearcy) 1981 Live @ the Troubadour, Hollywood, Ca
Under My Skin Cover
  • Under My Skin
  • Rock, Rock
  • 05/02/2011
  • Under My Skin
Liner Notes: RATT vocalist Stephen Pearcy's 3rd solo release is available now thru Top Fuel Records. Cover Photo: Jewel Pearcy c.p. 2008-2011 ALL music SEP Muzik/BMI 2011 Except noted on song credit.
  1. You're a Lot Like Me (Pearcy/Ferentinos)
  2. Big Nothin' (pearcy)
  3. Watcha Doin' (pearcy)
  4. Time Slips Away (Pearcy/Ferentinos)
  5. Under My Skin (Pearcy)
  6. In Outta Love (Pearcy/Ferentinos)
  7. Here We Go Again (Pearcy/Ferentinos)
  8. Bottoms up (Pearcy/Ferentinos)
  9. Are You Ready (Pearcy)
  10. Injector (Pearcy)
"Rattus Erectus" Cover
  • "Rattus Erectus"
  • Rock, Rock
  • Mickey Ratt
  • 09/15/2012
Liner Notes: Mickey RATT, the band that spawned RATT as we know it. Created by guitarist/vocalist Stephen Pearcy and Chris Hager, (later lead guitarist for Rough Cutt) original founder of Mickey Ratt. The band started in 1976 then became one of San Diego's fav rock bands before they moved to L.A. to make it big in 1980. They did just that, the band would only stay together for a couple years before Stephen Pearcy ran into old friend Robbin Crosby late 1992 and starting putting the band RATT together as we knew them, 1983-1992. Music released by Top Fuel Records 2012 SEP Muzik 2012/BMI 2012
  1. Ratt Madness (Pearcy) Original Version 1977
  2. Railbreak (Pearcy) 1977 Version
  3. Valley of the Euphrates (Pearcy) 1977
  4. Out of the Cellar (Pearcy) 1978
  5. Terror on the Midway (Pearcy) 1978
  6. Top Secret (Pearcy) 1982 Version
  7. Drivin' on E (Pearcy) Version 1979
  8. Dr. Rock (Pearcy/Turner) Version 1979
  9. Sin & You (Pearcy) 1979 Live
  10. Tell the World (Pearcy/Crosby) 1982
  11. Never Use Love (Pearcy) Original Version Live 1982
  12. Feel the Fitt (Pearcy) Live Version 1979
  13. Bad Dogs (Pearcy) Version 1978
  14. Magnetic Telescopes (Pearcy) Live Demo 1978
  15. U Got It (Pearcy) Original Version 1978
Ya Talkin" to Me (Pearcy) Cover
  • Ya Talkin" to Me (Pearcy)
  • Rock, Singer/Songwriter
  • Stephen Pearcy
  • 10/27/2013
  • Ya Talkin
  1. Ya Talkin" to Me (Pearcy)
Vicious Delite 2 Cover
  • Vicious Delite 2
  • Heavy Metal, Rock
  • Vicious Delite
  • 11/02/2013
  • Vicious Delite 2
  1. Outta Sight, Outta Mind
  2. The F*+K
  3. Just Like the Rest
  4. Like a Dog
  5. What's up With That
  6. Railbreak
  7. Pusher
  8. So Depressed
  9. Inception