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World5 coalesced around the idea that music can transcend distance.The five members had all played together in various bands in the U.S.and Europe.Today,they live on three difference continents spanning 19 time zones from the U.S. to Australia.

Yet distance was no barrier to their creativity and shared sense of musical purpose. Thanks to the power of home digital recording, each member

recorded his part in the comfort of his own home.Sure, it eliminated the intimacy of playing in the same room.But it also freed them from the traditional stresses of recording.No scary red recording lights to rattle their nerves.No worrying about paying for recording studio time.No plates of unappetizing cold cuts moldering in the control room.

That didn’t mean they didn’t talk.There were weekly chats on Skype and a steady flow of email to hone the vision of each song. And the occasional midnight phone call to hammer home an important point.

Then the final tracks were shipped to producer Randy Miller in Houston,Texas,where he tweaked and assembled them into the songs you’re listening to