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Zandra Brown has written all the songs on her latest Pop CD “It’s Your Life.” She collaborated with one of Nashville’s most renowned musicians Jeremy Medkiff, who produced, mixed and mastered all of the songs for this latest release. Playing piano/keyboard on the tracks is Jonathan Brown, who recently won the BMI song of the year award. Some of Nashville’s best musicians like Mark Hill, Garth Justice and Duncan Mullins have added their insignia to the masterful tracks. Zandra also Co-wrote one of the songs with a member of the group called “London Beat”, Charles Pierre. Charles also assisted in producing her powerful vocals.

Zandra states “Song writing is very therapeutic. It’s gives me the opportunity to re-live and release some of the trials, events and experiences of my past and share my feelings and views with the world”. She refers to it as “My Side Of The Story”.

So get ready to drift into a story you might relate to from the music of Zandra Brown’s “It’s Your Life.”

It's Your Life Cover
  • It's Your Life
  • Pop, Alternative
  • Zandra Brown
  • 10/17/2013
  • It's Your Life
  1. It's Your Life
  2. Your Love Is Good
  3. Lies
  4. I Refuse to Break
  5. Only You Alone
  6. Missing You
  7. If I Had One Wish
  8. I'll Pray for You
  9. Heaven Knows
  10. Let's Straighten This Out
  11. It's a New Day
  12. I'm in Love
  13. Getting over You